Anthem Combos Guide – Primers, Detonators, All Combo Effects

Combos in Anthem is an integral part of the Combat System. Here is all you need to know about Anthem Combos, effects, priming, and detonating them.

Anthem by EA is filled with intense fights that will challenge the combat capabilities of the player. This is due to the number of enemies arriving being in the dozens as well as the immense amount of effects and action taking place on screen.

Executing combos in these situations will greatly increase the damage dealt by the player and help when playing on higher difficulties. This Anthem Guide will help you figure out how to most effectively utilize these combos alongside priming and detonating them.

Anthem Combos

These abilities are marked by a circle with an outline to the left of it and they help start combos. These will be the first ability to use on enemies before anything else and they will be combined with detonators to cause massive damage to the enemies.

Enemies marked with elemental clouds such as frozen, on fire, lit up by lightning, or in a cloud of gas are primed and ready to be detonated.

What Are Detonators?

As the name suggests, once the enemy has been primed, these detonate and cause massive damage to them and when used on a prime enemy, they will result in a combo.

These are marked by the bold 4-star found next to their corresponding ability icons. Melee attacks can also act as detonators to finish off enemies so they are not just restricted to abilities.


Using Combos

An extra combo effect is granted to any javelin that detonates a combo.

It’s important to know exactly what kind of combo goes with what javelin as it’ll help you in difficult fights depending on whether you need to prioritize damage on a single target, spread it around to multiple targets or use elemental abilities. They are:

These deal bonus damage to a target upon detonation and are primarily used to balance soldier types. Their primers include Frost Grenades, Inferno Grenades, Venom Darts, and Melee Attacks.

Seeking Missiles, Pulse Blasts, Multi-target Missile Battery, Sticky, and Frag Grenades detonate them.

These deal bonus damage over a small area near the point of detonation.

These spread the elemental status of the primer ability to more enemies within the range of the detonation. Frost Shards, Shock Burst, Ice Storm, Living Flame, Ice Blast, and Elemental Storms prime them.

Their detonators are Lightning Strike, Glacial Spear, Burning Orb, Elemental Storm, and the Melee Attack.

These give you an elemental aura based on the ability you use to detonate the combo. Any enemy in your surroundings when this goes off will receive the corresponding elemental status.

Cryo Glave, Venom Bomb, Venom Spray, and Detonating Strike can prime these.

These combos can be very tricky but with enough practice, you can mow through hordes of enemies and feel unstoppable as you experiment with these throughout the course of the demo.

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