Anthem Coins Farming Guide – How to Earn Coins Fast, Farming Tips

In our Anthem Coins Farming Guide, you will be able to learn all about farming some easy coins in the game to buy Customization Items from the Vanity Store.

Adding dynamism to the combat and making exploration a whole lot better, you’ll need to acquire new gear and have that customization freedom to keep the fun. Here’s how you collect the main currency in the game, so to speak, the Coins in Anthem.

Anthem Coins Farming

Coin Farming can be done very easily in Anthem. Coins are the in-game currency of Anthem which allows you to buy various items. These items can be guns or any customization to the game.

What is Coin farming? Coin farming can be a way to earn Coins easily in a short amount of time. With that being said, let’s hop right into the ways that you can earn quick Coins in Anthem.

Alliance System

Firstly, the Alliance System. For this, you might have to be social meaning that you need friends playing Anthem. The more friends of yours play the game the more you get Coins.

You can earn a huge amount of Coins each week through Alliance System if you have many friends playing the game and believe me when I say a huge amount.

Public Events

Public Events are the mode which grants you the highest amount of Coins possible. You can earn up to 2,000 Coins by completing a World Event.


But these events are random and there is a high chance you might not even get to play them but if you do stumble across them then we highly recommend trying them out for the Coins.

Trail Participation

These trials can range from Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Completing these trails can award you a good amount of Coins. The daily trails are by far easy to complete but they give lesser Coins than that of weekly and monthly.

Other activities include that of strongholds. By talking to Stronghold NPCs and completing Stronghold activities can also grant Coins.

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