Anthem Artwork Revealed By Bioware, And A Trailer Teaser

Anthem is one of the highly anticipated games that is set to roll out next year. After a long time, we recently got to receive some news from the developers regarding the game, like the launch window of the game and also a slight movement which was detected a few days back, when the Anthem’s official Twitter account became active. Now following that, Bioware has recently revealed the Anthem Artwork and it is really amazing.

As you may see that the artwork is quite interesting, and is reminiscent of the logo that we saw at the game announcement. Looking at the artwork we can see it depicting the game’s massive open world and its cooperative play. Although box artwork of most games normally do not get too much attention, it does not seem to be the case for this one.

Bioware is a name that is known for its quality productions in the past, like their Mass Effect Andromeda. So for Anthem, there are a lot of expectations from the fans. Anthem is being described as a game, that will attempt to move away from the traditional RPG mechanics, the company has had in the past, towards something similar to that of Bungie’s Destiny.

Apart from the Anthem Artwork a teaser trailer of the game has also been revealed on the official Twitter account of the game. Which reads, “There is something waiting for us beyond the wall”.

So not completely sure what this might imply but Anthem is definitely going to be something interesting. There is one thing that Bioware is good at and that is teasing their upcoming games.

Following the last years reveal, not much has been revealed by the developers and fans had been very much in the dark. At the moment we still are in the dark but at least we now have a few details to latch ourselves to, for the time being.

At least until E3 2018, as we will definitely have a better understanding of the game then for sure. Until then, we will have to manage with this key art and the short teaser.

Having said that, more details are set to arrive on June 9th.