Anthem Alliance System Guide – How to Join Guilds, Rewards, Alliance XP

Anthem is a full-blown RPG with progression, stats, and abilities being the core mechanics at the heart of the game. Like most multiplayer RPGs, it also encourages teamwork so you have a Guild-like system in Anthem known as the Alliance System. In our Anthem Guide, we will discuss the basics of this Guild System including joining an Alliance and the rewards you will be able to reap via this ordeal.

Anthem Alliance System

If there was not an incentive before to work together with your friends for a common goal, then there is definitely one now. In fact, there is an entire Progression System tied to Alliance where any XP earned is different from what you obtain solely.

Therefore, for completing expeditions and regular quests scattered around the world, if you are playing in a group, you will earn Alliance XP and at the same time, the standard one as well.

With that said, the rewards associated with Alliance XP is restricted to a week-by-week basis so any contributions are reset after a whole week has commenced.

It should also be noted that you could also earn Alliance XP even if you are not playing with one of the allies in your group, but any friend who may not even belong to your Alliance.

After the week has ended, you along with the five teammates will be assessed based on the Alliance XP gained.

Each tier or rank for the week will be tied to different amount of Coins, the in-game currency that allows you to purchase cosmetic items and unlock gear as well.

The higher you rank among this leader-board of five members, the higher your coins reward is. Although coming last at #5 still nets you a decent amount.

Joining an Alliance

The Alliance System of Anthem has been made quite clear and simplified for the likes of any player thinking of becoming a part of the community.

For this reason, you do not need to form an Alliance in the game but rather the game will automatically build a list of five for you. This depends on the Active Friends that also play Anthem even if they do it without you.

Therefore, if you are on PS4, the individuals in your Friends List within the PSN will automatically be added to your list until it reaches five members in total.

The same goes for Xbox One and PC where the Friend List is utilized for filling the spots in your Alliance Group in Anthem.

If you do not have any friends playing Anthem, do not worry as any random player you side with on the game’s server, will be added to your group.

This matchmaking aspect allows the game to build the Alliance for you. Any XP earned while in an Alliance is contributed and distributed across all members of that Alliance.

Viewing Alliance Status

Just as you would check up on the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges; head to Fort Tarsis and interact with Lucky Jak for the Alliance status. This location will be marked as an hourglass icon on the game’s menu.

Alternatively, you can also make your way to Javelin Launch Bay to see the Alliance Progression and Guild Report.

Lastly, if you are not a big fan of traveling, wait for an expedition to finish as every conclusion will automatically bring up a report f your Alliance group and how it is progressing forth.

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