There Might Be Another Nintendo Direct Coming Soon According To Past Timetables

Taking a closer look at past Nintendo Direct timetables, the company has the tendency to host a full presentation soon after each Direct Mini.

Yesterday’s Nintendo Mini Direct may have given us a lot of new information about game’s we’ll want to play in 2018 but we can’t help but think that it was too short to be sweet. Fear not though, there might be another Nintendo Direct coming soon if the company’s previous timetables are to be believed.

As many fans took their longing for more Nintendo news to Reddit, one user with the name of Natzore, suggested that the company’s previous Nintendo Direct timetables show that after every Mini Direct there’s an upcoming full one with a month. That’s a pattern that  Nintendo uses for more than 5 years now so why wouldn’t it be true for this time too? He also included the full air dates of past Nintendo Directs to prove his point.

In his post, Natzore states:

Each time a Direct Mini has aired, a “standard” Direct (either dedicated to the full lineup of upcoming Wii/3DS/WiiU or just to specific games) followed within no more than 20 days.
I’m not saying it will be the case this time too, it’s no written rule, but that’s still a nice observation just in case someone doesn’t want to leave the hype train yet.
(In the case of multiple Direct Minis aired one after another, I only considered the last one).

Let’s see the dates and see if this information is legit:

Direct Mini  Nintendo Direct   Distance in Days
July 18, 2012    July 30, 2012   12
September 7, 2012   September 13, 2012   6
October 3, 2012   October 4, 2012   1
November 27, 2012   December 5, 2012   8
December 19, 2012   January 8, 2013   20
April 1, 2013   April 3, 2013   2
July 18, 2013   August 7, 2013   20
October 29, 2013   November 12, 2013   14
November 14, 2013   November 27, 2013   13
June 1, 2015   June 14, 2015   13
November 2, 2016   November 5, 2016   3

If the aforementioned information is to be believed then we should expect a full Nintendo Direct in less than a month with more details on upcoming titles and new releases as well. Nintendo has been pretty quiet about titles such as Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 so maybe this is the time for them to confirm some of those rumors lying around for some time now, such as the new Fire Emblem game that everyone is talking about.

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