Another League of Legends Script Provider Banned by Riot Games

The anti-cheat department of Riot Games has managed to successfully isolate another major League of Legends script provider.

A new post on Reddit refrains from mentioning the cheat by name but confirms that it has been dealt with. An employee of Riot Games allegedly made the announcement on the very same forums of the League of Legends script provider.

“There exists a venerable tradition of getting good, and it is our hope that some time off might encourage a few of you to utilize it,” reads the thread, which was removed soon after. “We’re [Riot Games] just seriously not jazzed about the whole scripting phenomenon, and if permanently banning all of your accounts doesn’t really get that message to resonate, we’d like to subtly remind everyone that we’ve played this game once before.”

While there is no way of confirming whether the announcement was made by Riot Games, the official Discord channel of the script provider had at least one employee who dropped a single RP into a random cheating account to prove their credentials.

The anti-cheat of League of Legends has already been updated with the latest script. This means that guilty players will be permanently banned after injecting the third-party hack in a single game.

In March, Riot Games won in court to shut down a major scripting website called LeagueSharp. The long-running legal battle finally resulted in the cheat provider having to pay a fine of $10 million and hand over all of its assets to the video game publisher.

Today is yet another victory in the battle against cheats and hacks. However, much more needs to be done before the war is won. Cheats will continue to evolve and developers must match the pace to keep anti-cheat programs up-to-date.

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