Anno 1800 Zoo and Museum Guide – How to Get Animals and Artifacts, Increase Tourism

Zoos and Museums in Anno 1800 tend to generate a lot of revenue as these places are visited a lot. These places will also help you increase tourism in your city. Locals would now have a spot where they could go for entertainment purposes.

These two spots will also help to increase the overall beauty and attractiveness of your city that matters a lot in Anno 1800. Our Anno 1800 Guide details all about finding animals and artifacts to increase the attractiveness level of your city.

Anno 1800 Zoo and Museum

As you progress through the game, you’ll have to increase the construction rate and new sites will have to be built. These sites will then be a big source of revenue generation.

In order to build sites likes zoos and museums; you’ll need a special type of skilled labor called Artisans. Artisans will come to your city as your city gets more developed. In other words, you’ll have to wait for the Artisans to visit your city.

Getting New Animals and Artifacts

In order to collect animals and artifacts for your new projects, you’ll have to send your ships and crewmembers on different expeditions and journeys across the world.

The goods you’ll receive from these expeditions will depend on the places you visit.


You should remember that these expeditions are hard and exhausting for the crewmembers and failed expeditions can result in low morale that would decrease their overall performance.

Therefore, planning is needed along with research so that your ships don’t waste precious time. Once your expedition is complete, you’d be notified about the findings and you’ll then have to order your crew to return to base to collect the findings.

You’d get three rewards containing different species of animals and also artifacts which you could place in your museum.

If you find an animal or artifact that doesn’t fit your requirement, you could trade it with other cities/nations. Other cities put their animals and artifacts on sales often. You could purchase different animals from these sales for your zoo.

Attracting More Foreign and Local Tourists

Tourists are a big source of income for your city. To increase tourism, you should construct a dock through which tourists could enter your city.

Place exotic animals and special artifacts in your zoos and museums to attract more tourists. The more expeditions you complete, the more chances of finding something unique.

It’s also important to note that tourists often get bored if they’ve to see the same animal over and over again. Therefore, try to diversify and switch animals after every few days so they could witness something different every time.

Lastly, try to build a good road network so that the tourists wouldn’t have any problem visiting the newly inaugurated sites.

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