Anno 1800 Trading Guide – Setting Trading Routes, Trading Partners, Quick Trading Tips

In Anno 1800, you fill the role of director for a major trading company. You’ve to increase profits and ensure that you’ve cultivated a well-functioning economy. This will keep the citizens in your settlement productive and they will offer better labor.

However, to be able to do all this, you need to well-versed with the ins and outs of trading in Anno 1800.

Setting up a trade route is vital to this because selling your surplus stock to allies can greatly increase profits. More trade routes mean more income.

Like in a real trade, you must produce the goods that are demanded by others and ensure you have plenty to go around. Our Anno 1800 Trading Guide will help you set up and maintain a successful trade route.

Setting Up Anno 1800 Trading Routes

To set up a properly functioning trade route, progress in the campaign until you reach the point where you can interact with other islands.

Sir Archibald Blake and Eli Bleakworth will be your first customers and they’ll purchase a few simple goods from you.

Click the “Routes” button under the mini-map and select “Create Trade Route”. Once done, select the region and island to trade with.

From there, choose a ship for the trade. If you plan to trade long distances then multiple ships can be assigned and you can provide ships with an escort. This extremely simple trade route only serves a single piece of cargo and one trade partner.

For more complex routes, you need a larger ship with more cargo slots and more trade partners. You’ll need to have great diplomacy skills to get islands to enter into a trade agreement with you.

Sometimes, one trade partner may have items that another one desires. You can purchase it and sell it to other so that you can turn a profit while saving time and effort you would’ve put into sending your ship out.

Lastly, some islands require an infinite amount of an item that is indicated by a symbol while others only require a specific amount.