Anno 1800 Resource Management Guide – Gathering Resources

In our Anno 1800 Resource Management Guide, we’ve shown the best ways to gather and manage resources in the game for building complex structures.

Resource management is basically using the available resources in your inventory to produce maximum output or using your resources to work at full potential. Learn more about doing it effectively in our Anno 1800 Resources Guide.

This can only be possible if you use your inventory and resources efficiently and effectively. In Anno 1800, managing resources is really vital to help your people and city flourish.

Anno 1800 Resources Management

In this Resources Management Guide, you’ll learn about resource management which will help you maintain and govern your city in a more organized way.

Moreover, our Anno 1800 Guide will also help you remove any redundancy and loss in your inventory thus saving valuable resources that can be diverted elsewhere.

Gathering Resources

In Anno 1800, every island or chunk of land has its own importance, as these chunks of lands contain mineral resources like Iron, Clay, etc.

You can explore different areas in Anno 1800 to find the right mineral resource that you require to develop a certain product. Resources that a common citizen consumes such as eatable items have to be produced from scratch.

These products are easy to develop, as they have a small number of stages. On the other hand, you’ll need to produce complex products as well which are very valuable and are hard to produce.

Having numerous steps and stages, these are time-consuming products that require multiple complex procedures and a lot of infrastructures but give a lot of returns when complete.

How to Manage Resources

Efficiently means using fewer resources to produce more output. This is not an easy task and needs a lot of skill and planning.

First of all, you’ll have to make sure that all the factories are receiving their required raw materials on time. The faster the delivery of raw materials, the less time the factory will take to produce the finished product.

Make a dedicated Raw Material Facility for each complex or factory so that every factory gets its share of raw material, reducing the chances of any delay.

Use the map to identify the locations that have the required raw material. The minimap indicates the resources available in different areas of the map. Only acquire islands that have valuable resources or the ones that are in demand.

Instead of building factories at random spots, try to plan and make your *city more organized*. This means constructing factories in an area containing raw material needed for production.

Alternatively, if you can’t make a factory near the raw material source, try to build a good road network so that all the raw material reach the assembly line on time.

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