Anno 1800 Money Farming Guide – How to Earn Money Fast

In our Anno 1800 Money Farming Guide, we’ve outlined some of the best methods of earning some easy money in the game with best money farming tips.

In Anno 1800, you’ll require money for different tasks like *colonizing more islands* or to build houses for your citizens. And since you’ve to spend the money in equal speed that you earn it in, you need to have more than one source of income so you don’t get short on money and fail to fulfill the demand of your citizens.

Anno 1800 Money Farming Tips

The main source that’ll make money for you are the taxpayers. The game’s set out two different worlds for you and in those worlds are different levels of populations.

Your Old World has five levels of population and your New World has two levels of the population. Your tax will be just as high as the level of population is and for the citizen should be of a higher level. Luckily, this is in your hand!

Upgrade the citizen as soon as you can and shift him to a higher level of the population so you earn more tax from him.

You’ll need some upgraded building once you’ve got a higher level of the population but do that slowly since it’ll require money and you need money for so many different things than just upgrading the buildings.

Moreover, whenever you upgrade a lower level building, for example, a Farmer’s House, to a higher level building, make sure to make another building for the farmer, otherwise, they’ll become homeless and unhappy before leaving.

Complete Quests

Another way to earn money is to complete the quests the game’s set out for you and on completing the quests, you’ll be earning money as a reward. You can also ask for a quest if you don’t get one.

Click the middle button below your mini-map, select a player, click the “Actions” button on the left then “Ask for Quest”.

The quests won’t usually be really hard and undoable but sometimes might require some grinding from you. However, in the end, you’ll be earning a good sum of money for the island.

Attract Visitors and Tourists

While taking care of the demands of your citizens and building infrastructure, you can’t forget about making your island beautiful. You’ve to make your island attractive which will attract the tourist which, in turn, will make your city money.

You can *make a zoo and museum* and can grow more greenery in your city for attractiveness. You should also work on crime control and wars. Crime will decrease the attractiveness and will make the citizens unhappy.

Your citizens have to be happy as the attractiveness of your city depends on that factor as well!

Trading is Important!

Whatever you are thinking to sell whether it be the resources, crops, or even the weaponry, first you’ve to make sure that you’ve enough of that already on the island.

If you’ve enough assets then you can sell the others by *building trading posts*. You can also raise the quality of your own things, for example, the work clothes and even your own citizens will be buying those that will make your city some money.

You need some trading route for the trading and shipyards to send out the stuff on ships for trading them. Put the items in the ship and you can use more ships for more items.

Finally, click on the destination that requires the materials and in turn of the trading, your island will get the money.