Anno 1800 Happiness Guide – Keep Citizens Happy, Increase City Attractiveness, Festivals

The mechanic of Happiness for the inhabitants in Anno 1800 is an important feature that plays a role in the betterment of the community itself. In our Happiness Guide, we’ll talk about factors which influence every citizens’ happiness and what happens when their demands are successfully met.

Anno 1800 Happiness

Every resident in Anno 1800 has a certain Happiness tier/level. These are:

  • Angry: Less than -50 Happiness
  • Unhappy: From -50 to -21 Happiness
  • Content: -20 to +19 Happiness
  • Happy: +20 to +49 Happiness
  • Euphoric: More than +50 Happiness

The higher tiers for the population will result in favorable outcomes like better tax returns from the residents, productiveness, attractiveness, and the organization of festivals that provide buffs to the island.

On the other hand, lower tiers like those of “Angry” and “Unhappy” will result in more riots and citizens unwilling to abide by the rules. The production of valuable materials also goes down.

There are five main factors that influence a resident’s Happiness Level.


This pertains to the idea that the relevant and realistic needs of the residents are being met successfully.


The factor can involve both luxury goods like Schnapps to be provided to the community as well as important buildings like churches and hospitals to be erected for facilitating the residents.

If the standard of the residents’ luxury is met, a +20 Happiness is granted while failure to do so will deduct 20 points of Happiness from their current level.


A safe and secure environment for residents increases their happiness by +5. In the event of a war, riots or aggression on the island, residents continue to lose 5 points of Happiness as long as the fight continues.

Working Conditions

Exploiting workers and demanding a productivity rate that goes beyond the comfort and capabilities of the workers will result in negative happiness, a -20 to be exact.

Working times can be shortened and made fair to boost the happiness of the workers by 20 points. Happiness associated with workers also depends on the population of the employees within a factory.


Apart from negatively affecting the attractiveness of the island, any toxic smoke released adds to the pollution of the island and, in turn, lower the Happiness Level of residents.

This is due to the presence of Heavy Industry Factories that tend to release pollution into the atmosphere.

A high number of such factories can even lead to a -20 Happiness for the residents while their absence will grant a +5 Happiness to the people.


Information control and media like the one they do in the real world play an important part in people’s Happiness.

A positive-content article that involves info regarding good diplomatic relations or high productivity of the island will result in a +5 Happiness for the resident.

While, on the opposite end of the spectrum, news about terror and riots lead to 5 points being deducted from the overall Happiness Level of every resident.

Newspaper articles can be altered via the influence that plays into the information control and propagation aspect. However, it’s to be noted that bending the truth often will negatively affect the citizens.


If you’ve provided the community what they need in terms of resources and rights and you’ve made the island itself safe, peaceful, and clean for the residents to inhabit, then you’ve managed to make them “Happy”.

This automatically results in the population organizing Festivals for 30 minutes, during which time, powerful buffs are applied throughout the island.

Festival Description Effects
Arts Festival The cultural heart of your city is throbbing! Theatrical, musical, and literary events have gripped the place, to the great delight of your visitors! +25 Happiness +250 Attractiveness
Beer Festival The most gleefully-anticipated festival! The beer flows freely, and joy and good humour follows! Some like to call it Oktoberfest! +25 Happiness +250 Attractiveness +50% Alcohol Production 25% More Workforce Needed
Commemoration Day Your population have rarely showed as much faith in their esteemed leader than today! They express their patriotism in honour of your great accomplishments. +10 Happiness +250 Attractiveness 15% Less Workforce Needed +300% Weapons Production -50% Maintenance
Harvest Festival This traditional festival manifests in a magnificent feast for your citizens, to celebrate a bounteous end to the harvest! +10 Happiness +250 Attractiveness +10% Taxes +50 Crops Production -100% Maintenance
Town Carnival What better than a bit of official mayhem once a year? Masked and fancy-dressed, your citizens can forget themselves and really cut loose! +40 Happiness +250 Attractiveness Clothing Apparel and Jewellery Provided to Residents. Specialists Visiting Chances Increased by +100%.

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