Anno 1800 Colonization Guide – How to Colonize an Island, Settlement Tips

In our Anno 1800 Colonization Guide, we’ve detailed everything about colonizing unpopulated islands, colonizing islands, and settlement tips.

In Anno 1800, after you’ve done enough work on your island, have colonized it enough with infrastructure, and have set out the crops, your job isn’t finished. After that, you’ve to set out your journey in search of new islands that you colonize for your further use.

You’ll need new islands to grow more crops for your trading, earning and employment purposes. And for that, you need a new place. You must’ve got a ship to start your exploration and if you do, then you need to get out in search at this second.

Anno 1800 Colonization

Find out an uninhabited and uncolonized yet and point out such an island you need to look for buildings. If the island is inhabited then you can’t work on that island and have to continue the search for a new one.

Once you find an uninhabited island, it’s your time to shine.

Firstly, you’ll be checking the fertility of the island by moving your cursor across the island on the mini-map and you’ll see icons popping up, informing you about the crops that can be grown there.

Now that you’ve checked the fertility of the island, you can start colonizing it. To start colonization, you’ll be needing a sum of $2,500 and the resources that you’ll require are x10 Planks and x8 Steel Beams.

You need to have these all figured out and collected before you leave the island and so you don’t have to come back for these.

Now that all is checked and done, just find an island beach to build a trading post there and your work is done here. Well, not exactly!

Finally, you’ve to start building a new city on the island and to grow the crops that you will be needing on your main island.