Anno 1800 Beginners Guide – City Planning, Islands, Buildings, Attracting Residents, Materials

Anno 1800 is set in the 19th century during the period of the Industrial Revolution. The game is about building infrastructures in different islands and running all those like a government. You’ll be taking care of tourism as well as social classes and jobs given to people. It can be a little tricky and confusing; hence, we’ve curated this Anno 1800 Beginners Guide to help you.

Anno 1800 Beginners Guide

First of all, you’ll be needing blueprints to plan out the whole city. Don’t start building without planning as later you’ll regret it by not having enough space for the other building like Zoos or the Manufacturing Plants.

Plan the whole map of your city and after you get the funds for the materials, you can follow your blueprints.


After you’ve decided the blueprint, your first and most basic job is to create houses and buildings for the residents living in the city.

Gradually, the population of your city will increase due to the entrance of new residents. You’ll have to build new houses every now and then to give them a place to live in.

While you’ll be building the houses, there’ll come a time when you’ll go short of the crafting material for the buildings.


You’d always require plants to acquire building materials like planks, steel, and bricks. Moreover, if you don’t want to wait up for that, you need to have more Manufacturing Plants.


Later in the game, you’ll have to send ships to search areas across the water so that you can find more islands to expand your infrastructure. Moreover, you’ll be finding a lot of new resources for your city.

You can ship the materials form those islands to your own island. Since those islands will not be having any residencies or residents, you can use those areas to build factories and mines. This’ll keep your own main island away from all the waste.

These islands can also be used to store the goods that are in excess. You can build a warehouse in the islands and store all the goods until they are needed again in the main island.


Even though you’ll have a lot of finds but if you overdo with the building and expansion, you might face a loss. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expand but do not rush it.

You’ve ample time so expand everything slowly as you’ll be requiring money due to the slow increase in population and your new residents will be requiring buildings.

Attracting the Residents

To keep the appeal of your city, you need to first properly build it and save it from all the wastage. Secondly, you need to create buildings like Museums and Zoos that’ll be attracting people and will be making your city more attractive.

This’ll also make money for you along with the rents and you actually require a lot of money in the game. You’ve to play every move with a strategy.


Since you’ll be doing all of the building, you’ll require a lot of material which will come from the Manufacturing Plants but those will make time to create bricks and sell for you.

Hence, you can speed up time by pressing + to increase the rate at which the material is being made and then you can build the houses more faster and keep the residents happy before they get angry and start protesting against you.