Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf Tickets Farming Guide

Leaf Tickers are very important as they can be used for a lot of things. However, you should be careful when spending them since they are incredibly hard to come by. This Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf Tickets Farming Guide will take care of a part of that problem by telling you how you can increase the inflow of the leaf tickets that come into your possession.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Leaf Tickets Farming

Leaf Tickets are the premium currency for the game, which means that you do not need to waste money on them. You should use them to buy items that will stay with you permanently and not waste them for things which will only last for a short amount of time.

You will get a total of around 1000 free leaf tickets so remember to use them wisely. Let’s take a look at how you can easily increase the amount of Leaf Tickets that you make every day.

Level Up
You will get 10 Leaf Tickets each time you level up your character in the game. You will also get them whenever you complete stretch goals. It might be worthwhile to leave some of these stretch goals for later as you might need these tickets at a later time.

Stretch Goals
Around 235 tickets are available through the Stretch Goals which you can complete throughout the duration of the game. You can access the Stretch Goals by tapping the Isabelle icon in the top right corner of Pocket Camp.

Event Goals
A lot of major events in Pocket Camp have a series of goals that reward Leaf Tickets as a prize, amongst others. Some of these events include the Fishing Tourney, Gyroid Scavenger Hunt, Gardening Event, and the monthly Seasonal Event.

In addition, there are some mini-event with goals that also reward leaf tickets, these include Summer Sea Star goals and Bring on the Bells goals.

Happy Homeroom Classes
Happy Homeroom feature is another valuable method of farming Leaf Tickets. You can access the Happy Homeroom class with the pink house button in the top left corner of the map.

Completing a Happy Homeroom class earns you up to three medals, depending on your performance. These medal in turn increase your Happy Homeroom Rank when you reach a certain amount.

While the later ranks can take a longer time to reach, the earlier ranks are extremely easy as you require lesser medal to rank up. Each succession in rank rewards you with 10 Leaf Tickets.

You should spend these tickets on crafting space. This will allow you to open two more spaces and help you craft items quicker. Just make sure to avoid the Shovelstrike Quarry and the fishnets so as to not waste the tickets.

After this, try to save up the tickets for other important items. Make sure to avoid spending them for speeding up the time as it is useless and not worth the money. Now we will take a look at how you can get those free Leaf Tickets that we mentioned earlier.

How to Get the Free Leaf Tickets
You can get 20 for launching the game and 31 as a Login bonus after 10 days of launching the game. Around 235 of these tickets are available through the Stretch Goals which you can complete throughout the duration of the game.

You can also get 600 to 700 tickets according to the max level of the game and as you progress through each of the individual levels. Lastly, you will get 50 tickets as My Nintendo Rewards and 100 tickets for Linking your Nintendo Account with the game.

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