Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees Guide

Trees are important, not just for money, but to improve the outlook of your island, and give you accessibility to items exclusive to said trees. This guide will be your one stop shop to all there is to know about Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees, their types and how to harvest them.

When you start off, you will have access to only one fruit, and in order to gain access to more, you will have to do a little bit of searching around on other islands.

The significance of trees cannot be ignored, they provide you with the necessary raw materials for day-to-day asks; you will find them important for gathering certain pieces of furniture. Sometimes, they can be straight-up money-makers with the ability to grow literal money unto them.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Trees

It’s not just that trees provide a good contribution to the economy of your island, they also make your island look lively and beautiful. To add to that, you can buy not only fruit-bearing trees, but also trees that are purely for decorative purposes.

All Trees can be Moved
If you eat the fruit of a certain tree, you will gain the strength do dig said tree. Allowing you to move entire trees at a time from one place to another without losing any fruit from them. This is a pretty useful feature as it saves a lot of time if you want to re-decorate certain aspects of your island.

Bamboo Trees
In order to grow Bamboo Trees on your island you will have to head to a mystery island and harvest bamboo shoots from the trees already planted there. These aren’t found randomly on your island or any other simplistic island. Grab a Nook Miles’ ticket and grab one of these for your island. Harvesting them gives bamboo pieces and young spring bamboo.


Fruit Trees
When you start off with your island, you will have access to one fruit, which will be the native fruit of your island. To get more, you could simply go to other islands and acquire the other fruit trees.

Once you have said fruit, you can come back to your island and plant it down and wait three to four days for a new tree.

Alternatively, you could also just dig out the entire tree and plant it whole into your own island; however, you will have to have eaten the fruit to gain the buff in order to dig up the tree in question.

There are five types of trees found in Animal Crossing.

  • Apple Trees
  • Pear Trees
  • Peach Trees
  • Cheery Trees
  • Orange Trees

In addition to these five, you can also find the coconut tree by going to a secret island and harvesting one off of there. They are found on the coast of these islands growing within the sand.

Cedar and Regular Trees
They do not serve any purpose except to beautify your island. The regular trees are simply trees that do not grow any fruit, yet look the same as one. Both trees can be bought at Nook’s Cranny and planted around your island.

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