How To Unlock Brewster And The Roost In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Meet the pigeon barrista.

The addition of the Animal Crossing 2.0 update brings forth new NPCs, such as Brewster and the Roost cafe, that you can add to your museum in order for your villagers to experience a nice cup of coffee. However, unlocking Brewster in ACNH is not an easy task.

That being said, we are here to help you find Animal Crossing’s iconic pigeon Brewster and help him set up The Roost cafe.

Where to find Brewster in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In order to find and unlock Brewster in ACNH, you will need to complete certain prerequisites. First off, you will need to have at least a Three-Star Island, and also K.K. Slider’s concert visit should have been done beforehand as well.

Next, you will need to upgrade your Museum fully and that means you need to have unlocked the art section of the museum. To do that, you will need to donate one piece of artwork and at least 60 different things like bugs, fish, fossils, sea creatures, etc.(one of each of those types) to the museum.

Once you do that, you will get the quest from Blathers to start collecting art from Redd for the art museum, and this way, you will be able to unlock this new (art section) which you can access by going upstairs in ACNH.

Once the museum is upgraded and the Art wing unlocked, you should see a speech bubble above Blathers’ head. If you don’t, make sure you have update 2.0 installed for ACNH as Brewster and the Roost cafe can’t be accessed without it.


If Blathers’ dialogue about unlocking Brewster does not trigger, try walking out of the museum and then going back in a few times till you see the icon above Blathers.

Speak with Blathers about finding Brewster

ACNH Brewster and The Roost

During your dialogue with Blathers, he will ask you to take up the search to bring Brewster to the museum. As he was a good friend of Blathers, he wanted to expand the museum by adding Brewster’s café (Roost) at the museum. This is a good idea as it will attract more visitors to that place and you will be able to visit the Roost quite often as well.

Blathers will also tell you that Brewster has recently become interested in gyroids, so if you were to look for them, you would end up finding Brewster. Since Kapp’n will be able to take you to various special islands therefore there are high chances for you to encounter a gyroid fragment on these islands and find Brewster as well.

After your dialogue with Blathers ends, he will give you a photo of Brewster and ask you to go find him on the new islands. You can do that by checking your map to find the dock, which will mostly be on the bottom left corner, and there you will need to meet with Kapp’n, speak with him, and then take a trip to distant islands to find Brewster.

Keep in mind that it is a 1000 Nook Miles per trip ride, and you can only go on one trip per day, so make full use of your trip and search every corner of a new island you visit.

ACNH Brewster and The Roost

Search for Brewster on the special islands

Whenever you go to an island, while you are allowed to search for other things on it and dig for loot, the most important item you need to find is a gyroid fragment.

In most cases, the gyroid fragment will be hidden somewhere on the island, so check for these, as there is always one gyroid on each island that you go to. Once you are done collecting a gyroid, start looking for Brewster on the same island.

Brewster, as mentioned before, is a pigeon and can be spotted wearing a hat. Once you find him, talk to him and tell him about Blathers’ plan, and he will agree to start The Roost cafe at your museum. Brewster will also give you another gyroid as a reward.


Unlike Animal Crossing City Folk, you can’t give your gyroids to Brewster in ACNH. You can, however, get a unique Brewster gyroid reward called the Brewstoid by drinking coffee at the Roost for 51 days.

Return to the museum

At the end of your discussion with Brewster, he will bid you farewell, and once you get back to your island in ACNH, you can make your way directly to the museum. There, you can speak with Blathers once again and inform him that you have successfully found Brewster on one of the islands. Now it is time to start building The Roost cafe.

Blathers will state something about making arrangements for Brewster’s arrival and will also close the museum for construction. He will ask you to visit the day after tomorrow, so essentially, the museum will be closed the day after you talk to Blathers, and then the day after that, The Roost coffee shop will be unlocked.

Then, you can revisit the museum and hold the opening ceremony, which is an (optional part) after heading up the stairs, you will be able to access the new wing on the right side of the museum for the Roost in Animals Crossing: New Horizons.

What can you do at The Roost in ACNH?

Whenever you visit the Roost, you can also find some of your NPC Villagers sitting at the bar and Brewster will be serving up coffee to them. Yes, even pigeon milk is on the menu at The Roost in ACNH. You can speak with them, and the villagers will be happy with Brewster’s coffee service and state that they feel relaxed by drinking coffee at the Roost.

Brewster’s roasts and brews are the best on your island; therefore, if you have Amiibo cards, you can scan them and bring other villagers to the Roost as well.

ACNH The Roost

The best thing about having unlocked the Roost is that you will be able to invite not only villagers available in Animal Crossing New Horizons using amiibos but also get access to other villagers from the old iterations of Animal Crossing as well, like Booker, Copper, Nat, Chip, etc. which is a quite amazing aspect as it basically allows you to invite any villager using an amiibo in Animal Crossing at the Roost.

On top of that, you can also visit The Roost with your friends. If there are other players visiting your island, you can all go to Brewster’s cafe as a group, sit at tables, and have some coffee. After drinking there for three days, you can even have Brewster give you takeout coffee to go. However, this takeout is a lot more expensive than drinking at the cafe.

Unfortunately, you can’t work at The Roost in Animal Crossing New Horizons, even though this feature was present in New Leaf.

Rewards given by Brewster at The Roost

Brewster continues to give you more rewards based on the number of days you have drank at The Roost in Animal Crossing New Horizons. So visit Brewster’s coffee shop regularly, and you will unlock cool new things.

  • 3 days – Coffee-to-go
  • 6 days – Roost Sable Cookie recipe
  • 12 days – Coffee Beans
  • 16 days – Cup with Saucer
  • 21 days – Coffee Plant
  • 31 days – Siphon
  • 41 days – Pro Coffee Grinder
  • 51 days – Brewstoid/ Brewster Gyroid
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