Animal Crossing Datamining Brings Up New Cafe Space, Return Of Gyroids

Some Animal Crossing datamining has apparently uncovered up two unannounced features in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the coffee bar and Gyroids.

Animal Crossing New Horizons may come out tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped people from going into the game’s files ahead of time. Animal Crossing datamining has given us at least two features that the game’s advertisements haven’t shown us, both related to the island’s museum and both of which are secret.

There are always several constants that are findable in the Animal Crossing games: the Gyroid, the fire hydrant-like save spot for players that’s normally next to your house, and the Roost, a coffee bar that would often pop up in town.

The datamining for New Horizons has apparently uncovered a Museum Cafe, which seems to fulfill the same function as the Roost, a coffee shop where players can interact with characters in town. Something else the Animal Crossing datamining has found out about is the Gyroids, which have also appeared in every game in some capacity.

The main usage of Gyroids is for players to be able to save their game without resetting, but one particular Gyroid, Lloid, appeared in Animal Crossing New Leaf as a way to build Public Works projects. Gyroids, otherwise, are merely furniture.

If they’re related to the island museum in some way in Animal Crossing New Horizons, they may play a different roll this time around, especially since it’s on the more powerful Nintendo Switch, though we can’t know that until someone actually discovers it in the game.

With so many new and improved things that are going to be coming to your island getaway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, hopefully all of this Animal Crossing datamining turns out to be true in some way or another. Either way, the game comes out tomorrow, March 20, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Or, if Animal Crossing isn’t your thing, Doom Eternal is also coming out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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