Angry Birds Epic Cheats, Tips, Tricks and Walkthrough Guide

Angry Birds Epic is a novel turn-based RPG from Rovio which is exceedingly fun to play.

Sadly the game is currently only available in New Zealand and Canada only as a free-to-play title.

However, you can make an iTunes account for free and, start playing this game. The only bummer is that the game is currently only available for iOS-based devices. In this guide, I will be covering some of the basic stuff related to the game to tell you how things work!

Combat System
During a round, you will only get to use a single bird which can be used to perform a regular attack, special attack, or rage chilly attack.

The potion icon located in the top-right corner of your screen can be used to use your consumables until you run out of them.

On top of your screen will be a chilly bar that is filled by attacking and receiving damage. Once this bar is completely filled, you will be able to use rage chilly attack which differs with each bird.


Team Composition and Stars
The maximum number of birds you can have in your team is three. Prior to the battle screen, you will be able to choose your birds.

After a battle is over, you will be awarded the stars depending upon the damage taken and dealt. These stars determine the type of rewards you will receive at Wheel of Fortune.

Each bird in the game has only two stats: Attack Power and HP. However, by using classes, you can also have special abilities by equipping classes.

On the top-left corner of your screen, you will see the level of your bird which can be increased by earned XP. The level of your bird also increases its attack power and HP.

Leveling up also unlocks new recipes and ingredients for crafting.

By default, you will only have one bird available and the rest are unlocked by defeating bosses and completing levels.

In order to know more about each bird’s abilities, tap and hold on to that bird. Furthermore, you can also tap a bird to use its supporting skill on itself.

Classes and Weapons
A helmet or a hat does not only change the appearance of your bird but also, represents its class. Each bird in the game has five slots available to it.

As you unlock more classes, you will get to choose more powerful helmets or hats. The classes do not increase your HP or attack power but, provide your birds with special abilities which can be used during the battle.

The classes can also be upgraded by undertaking Mighty Eagle’s training dojo. As for weapons and handheld items, these can increase or decrease your HP and attacking power and should be used wisely.

The currency in Angry Birds Epic is of three types:

Lucky Coins is the premium currency in the game which can be earned by leveling up and completing levels.
Currency earned by defeating enemies and bosses is called Snoutlings. And finally, by social integration, your friends can send you another type of currency known as Friendship Essence.

Tap on the totem pole menu followed by tapping on the bottom-left corner of the screen to get a Friendship Essence. After receiving a Friendship Essence, you need to wait at least 20 hours before asking the same friend for another Essence.

Using the Friendship Essence, you can re-roll the wheel of fortune. As for Snoutlings, you can earn loads of them by completing the daily dungeon.

After completing a few levels and taking out a couple of bosses, you will receive the magic anvil which is used to craft weapons and other handheld items.

In order to craft an item, you will not only need blueprints but also, the resources required. The blueprints can be acquired from chests and boss battles. As for the resources, they are acquired from the Wheel of Fortune at the end of a level.

Furthermore, there are some resources that must be crafted using a magic anvil. Also note that newly crafted items that have better stats are automatically equipped by your birds.

Magic Cauldron
The purpose of the magic cauldron is also crafting but, it crafts consumables and potions which can be used during a battle to increase your attack power, HP, and other stats.

Just like crafting, making consumables require a particular recipe that can be acquired from places like Professor Pig’s lab. Other than this, there are certain ingredients that must be acquired before creating the potions/consumables.

Ingredients can be acquired from the Wheel of fortune but, just like resources, some of them need to be created using magic cauldron.

In order to purchase items for crafting, you need to head to specific locations which are unlocked by completing levels.

These locations are provided below:

The trainer is the place where you can purchase new classes i.e. helmets and hats. In the workshop, you will be able to purchase resources and blueprints in order to craft weapons and other handheld items. And lastly, at Professor Pig’s lab, you will be able to buy ingredients and recipes for potions and consumables.

Also, note that you will have to purchase these items using Snoutlings.

The Friendship Gate
This gate allows you to access areas that are normally locked away. Inside this gate, you will find rare resources and items inside treasure chests.

The first gate can be unlocked by completing the Golden Fields level.

In order to open the gate, you will need a total of five friends who can be hired for 25 Lucky Coins or wait for your friends to respond.

Rovio Account
Making a Rovio account and syncing your progress is very important. This not only provides you with the ability to connect to multiple devices using your cloud save but also, in case of a lost phone, you will be able to carry on your game on another device.

Golden Pig Machine
This machine allows you to roll the board for rare items and equipment. However, in order to do so, you will need to spend Lucky Coins.

There are two kinds of rolls available:

  • The expensive roll enables you to have high chance of receiving expensive items and equipment. The cheap roll allows you to have average chances of receiving such equipment.
  • The rainbow bar makes sure that you receive something during the next roll.

Found anything missing or confusing, let us know in the comments section below!

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