Google Teases Android 8.0 Oreo With Oreo Images, Unveiling Soon

After Nougat was used for Android 7.0, the next letter that falls for next Android firmware version is ‘O’, with that in mind, Google recently teased an Oreo image that indicates towards next Android 8.0 version Oreo.

Google, teases, Android 8.0, unvieling soon

Not only Google, but a Google employee over Twitter, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the SVP of Android has also teased another Oreo related image. In his tweet he has posted an Oreo cake image, which adds another piece to the puzzle that O letter or Oreo will be the next Android 8.0 version for Android devices.

Google, teases, Android 8.0, unvieling soon

However, it is worth the attention that Android 7.0 has not rolled out yet fully to all compatible devices and here Google has started to tease Oreo. This could mean that Android 8.0 Oreo can be a long shot and that we may or may not get it any time soon.

Previously, Hiroshi Lockheime also suggested few other names for next firmware version upgrade for Android 8.0, but his recent tweet about Oreo cake could point at a finalized name: Oreo. However, according to reports, the exact name will be revealed in the beginning of March.

However, his tweet should not be taken as final, as Hiroshi Lockheime has a history of suggesting names for Android versions. Even last year, he posted a tweet naming Android 7.0 as Nutella. However, it turned out to be Nougat in the end. This is still not final and the final name could be different. Let us know what you think should be the name of the next Android update. I think Oreo could be a cool name but there would be some copyright issues with the name. But I am sure those can be figured out one way or another.

What do you make of these leaked images? Can Oreo be a final name Android version 8.0 may get? Let us know your thoughts on Android 8.0 down in comments section.

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