AMD’s Polaris Based Xbox One APU Rumored to Ship This Year

We reported to you yesterday on how Microsoft is considering the release of a “lightweight” version of Xbox One, however, there is yet another – stronger – version of the console being rumored as we speak and it might have something to do with AMD’s upcoming Polaris GPU Architecture.

The rumormill is churning pretty fast at some forums where it is being suggested that Microsoft and AMD have been working on a new APU since about a year now.

In fact, a number of people have stumbled upon the word Polaris while using the console – there are a bunch of tweets where users have been inquiring what exactly it is. There even is a screenshot from the console where the word Polaris popped up somewhere when the person was using Netflix. Check it out below.

Moving on, Lisa Su, the president and CEO of AMD has also hinted at something that could be related while she was attending the earning’s call for the third quarter of 2015 saying that the “demand from Sony and Microsoft indicates that the record setting sales pace of this generation of game consoles will remain strong. We also remain on track to begin revenue shipments of our additional semi-custom design wins starting in the second half of 2016.”

Since Su has suggested shipments starting from the second half of 2016, we could be looking at the new APU based Xbox One (if they happen) being shipped a month or so after June 2016.

Last but not the least, do keep in mind that everything we are talking about up there is based on pure speculation and should be treated as such until there can be a confirmation.

Thanks to forum member ileakstuff for the tip.

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