AMD Zen 2 New Instruction Set Leaked Thanks To GNU Compiler Patch

Aside from bringing IPC improvements, AMD Zen 2 CPU will likely feature a new instruction set as Zen2's new instructions set has leaked online.

AMD took that CPU market by storm with its Ryzen CPUs and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Next up are the AMD Zen 2 CPUs to release, however, Zen2 new instructions set has leaked online.

Aside from bringing IPC improvements, AMD Zen 2 CPU will likely feature a new instruction set.

Not only that, AMD has apparently started to patch the GNU compiler to support the new Instructions set. The patch brings CPU identifier for AMD Zen 2 processors along with a number of new instruction sets.

Speaking of the instruction set for AMD Zen CPUs, Zen CPUs still support FMA4 instruction set. This is despite AMD removing the support for FMA4 instruction set from its Zen CPUs.

Turns out the removal is limited to just paper. However, the OS still not has access to the FMA4 instruction set in the Zen CPUs.

While AMD is taking CPU market share from Intel but, Intel isn’t just sitting idle. Intel is currently working on a discrete GPU. For that Intel has hired and been hiring former AMD employees who worked on the Radeon group.

This time Intel has grabbed the former AMD product Marketing Director, Darren McPhee. McPhee will be acting as the Marketing Director for Intel Discrete Graphics card.

No technical specifications have been revealed regarding the Intel Discrete GPU. However, Intel did give us a sneak peek of the upcoming GPU.

Intel teased the discrete GPU with a brief video. The Video gives us a glimpse of Intel Discrete GPU that Raja Kadori along with a team of developers and designers have been working on.

Not only that Intel has confirmed that its discrete GPU will launch in 2020. Furthermore, the GPU is a “fully compliant DX12 graphics processor”.

Aside from this little tease, Intel previously revealed a prototype for its discrete GPU at IEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2018.

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