AMD Vega 20 Listed In Linux Patch, Hints Of RX 600 Series Graphics Cards

AMD Vega 20 is something that we have been looking out for since AMD announced that the company will continue...

AMD Vega 20 is something that we have been looking out for since AMD announced that the company will continue the AMD Vega series cards in 2018. We have also heard that in order to provide better performance, these cards will be based on the 7nm node instead. While a smaller node means more power and better efficiency, keeping in mind how well AMD Vega performs, it is hard to see how much of an improvement is possible.

The recent Linux patch mentions AMD Vega 20 and while we know for sure that AMD Vega GPUs will be coming out later this year, this could also point toward new AMD RX 600 series graphics cards as well. AMD Vega 20 IDs are one less as compared to the previous AMD Vega 10 IDs. While this could mean a number of things we are still waiting for more information before going crazy with the speculations.

The missing ID could be an AMD Vega gaming GPU that will be based on the 7nm process. The reason why it has not been mentioned here could be because AMD does not plan on selling it this year. It could be an internal project to see how well it performs and what kind of benefits it has to offer as compared to AMD Vega 10 graphics cards.

If you recall the patch for AMD Vega 10 was released 3 months before AMD Frontier Edition came out. Now I know that does not mean anything solid, but it is possible that AMD Vega 20 based graphics cards could be coming out 3 months from now. I will be amazed if that is the case.

It should be interesting to see how well AMD Vega performs on the smaller node and what kind of performance benefits we will get on the 7nm node.

Let us know what you think about AMD Vega 20 and whether or not this is something that you might be interested in.

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