AMD Threadripper Has “No Memory Overclocking Restrictions By Motherboard Or CPU” According To AMD

AMD Threadripper will be taking on the Intel X series CPUs for the workstation and enthusiast market. AMD answered a few of our questions about the CPUs.

AMD Threadripper will be taking on the Intel X series CPUs for the workstation and enthusiast market. The upcoming Threadripper CPUs were announced at Computex a few weeks back and we had some questions regarding AMD Threadripper that we needed to clarify. Who better to ask than AMD? So that is exactly what we did in order to get to the bottom of things.

AMD did not reveal the price of AMD Threadripper and that is fair enough seeing how it has not been released yet. Seeing how the prices and availability of the Intel chips have been revealed it is safe to say that we will learn about the price soon enough. Plus the new Alienware area 51 will be coming out next month and it will feature the 16 core, 32 thread Ryzen Threadripper CPU.

It is unlikely that the AMD Threadripper CPU will be coming out exclusively for the Alienware system and not for the DIY market. Not everyone wants to buy a pre-built system and I can imagine that such a move could cause a massive uproar in the general consumer market. We asked AMD about AMD Threadripper memory support and this is what they had to say:

Q) We know that AMD Ryzen does not play well with memory. Ryzen does not work on higher frequency memory. How will Threadripper work with memory?

AMD Ryzen offers better support for overclocked memory than comparable products in the market, due to no memory overclocking restrictions by motherboard or CPU. The AM4 platform is rapidly evolving as AMD continues the normal process of adding features, resolving issues, and improving performance in partnership with our motherboard manufacturers, with the latest beta BIOS running DDR4-3600 and higher memory kits. These efforts also benefit the AMD Ryzen Threadripper and AMD X399 platform, and we will release full details of capabilities at launch later this summer.

From what we have seen so far AMD Ryzen Threadripper is shaping up to be a powerful platform and f it is priced right it doesn’t even have to be on par with Intel. If AMD can offer competitive prices and give 80% of the performance that Intel is offering then I think that would be great value for money. Price is going to play a huge role here.

Let us know what you think about AMD Threadripper and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these CPUs when they come out.

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