AMD Ryzen Threadripper: What Is The Story Behind The Name?

We finally know the story behind the name of AMD Ryzen Threadripper. Here is what you need to know about the back story of the branding.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper was announced at Computex and the CPUs are expected to come out soon. The new Alienware Area 51 is going to come out next month and it will feature a 16 core, 32 thread AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU. It is unlikely that AMD will let Alienware have exclusive rights to the CPU and not release it for the DIY market.

AMD comes up with some very awesome names and we know that AMD Ryzen Threadripper is one of them. But you might have asked yourself what is the story behind the cool name. We have been asking ourselves that for some time now and we thought we should ask AMD about this. So that if what we did in order to get to the bottom of this.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper is not a code name it is a brand and we went ahead and asked AMD why the new lineup of CPUs has been branded AMD Ryzen Threadripper. Here is what the company responded to out inquiry:

Q) Any Specific reason of calling this technology ‘Threadripper’?

Purchasing a Ryzen Threadripper processor or system clearly demonstrates advanced computing needs and knowledge of how to use computing powerhouses – multi-thread scaling isn’t a buying concern, multi-thread performance is key. Ryzen Threadripper ascends beyond model numbers and becomes a purchase that defines itself as being most suited for the biggest compute workloads – and that it will rip threads to shreds.

Now you know the backstory behind the name “AMD Ryzen Threadripper” and I think everyone will agree that there is a very cool story behind the cool name. Other trademarks have also been filed but we are not sure what these products will be. We should find out soon.

Let us know what you think about the name AMD Ryzen Threadripper and the story behind it.

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