Rumors: Only X Branded AMD Ryzen Chips Have XFR Auto OC

Now reports claim that only X branded AMD Ryzen chips will have auto overclocking functionality. Here is what you need to know.

It was announced at the AMD demo that AMD Ryzen chips will have auto overclocking functionality and this is one of the major selling points of the CPU. It was told that AMD Ryzen chips will be able to automatically detect the cooling solution being used and overclock accordingly. Now reports claim that only X branded AMD Ryzen chips will have this feature.

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If you look at the AMD Ryzen chips slides closely you can see, select Ryzen processors will feature XFR written in the bottom right corner of the slide. X branded AMD Ryzen CPUs would be the obvious chips to come with this feature. X branded chips will be priced slightly higher than the non-X chips so that is another indication that there will be something setting them apart from one another.

Intel claims that AMD Ryzen will not be much of a threat and that the company will be able to take on the red team with Kaby Lake processors. Intel already has a head start but from what we have seen so far Kaby Lake does not offer much of a performance boost as compared to Sky Lake and it will be interesting to see how AMD Ryzen stack up against the competition. According to Intel CEO:

Sure. I would tell you that we always look at this environment and say there’s going to be a competitive risk in the environment. And we’re always focused on really, our own product roadmap and making sure that we have the highest performance product. So, when we look at 2017, we still believe that our product roadmap is truly the best ever it’s been.

And as we look at the Kaby Lake and as it really ramps up through 2017, or it came out really just at the end of 2016 and now will ramp with many more SKUs and higher-performance products as we go into 2017. And then we showed at CES the first working 10-nanometer Cannonlake product, which we’re still planning to ship by the end of this year and really ramp into 2018. We still believe that our roadmap and our leadership will continue to give us the performance the customers want and desire. And so that didn’t necessarily factor into that more cautious forecast. That forecast was really much more a function of where we think the PC market really is overall.

From what we have seen, AMD Ryzen chips have a lot of potential. What do you think about AMD Ryzen chips and what kind of competition do you expect as compared to Intel?

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