AMD Naples 16 Core 32 Thread CPU Spotted, Taking On Intel In 2017

AMD Naples 16 Core 32 thread CPU has been spotted and this is one of the top of the line CPUs that AMD will be offering in 2017. AMD Naples CPUs are based on AMD Zen architecture and will be coming out to rival Intel in the server market which is very lucrative. Intel E7-8890 v4 is the companies largest server CPU and it has 24 cores. AMD, on the other hand, has an AMD Naples variant that comes in a 32 core, 64 thread configuration.

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For the last few months AMD has been sending out engineering samples for testing and it seems that these CPUs are almost done. We will be seeing a preview on the 13th of December at the New Horizons even in Texas.

There we will be able to learn more about the platform and how well it will perform as compared to the competition. Recently Intel claimed that AMD Zen would not be a big threat but that may not be the case in the end.

Here in this server configuration we see two CPUs this means that there is a total of  64 cores and 128 threads. This could possibly be an effective mini-super computer. The leaked pictures show a very compact configuration. The system has also been equipped with a pair of Radeon Pro graphics accelerators.

Looking closely at the AMD Naples system we see that the chip is pretty large and the pins array is different from PGA. The chip is larger than the desktop Summit Ridge package. The chips come with the LGA configuration. AMD Naples also features astronomically large L3 cache. This is something that is not commonly seen when it comes to x86 server CPUs. You can check out the leaked images here.

The last server chips from AMD came out in 2012. AMD Naples will be coming out next year and we will see how well they can perform as compared to Intel’s offerings. What do you think about AMD Naples?

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