64-Core AMD EPYC Rome Doubles Its L3 Cache For Each Of Its 8-Core Chiplets

AMD Ryzen CPUs have taken the CPU market by storm and Intel is still figuring out how to counter. On the other hand, AMD continues to roll out better AMD Server CPUs and desktop CPUs. Now, AMD has doubled the L3 Cache for its 7nm 64-Core AMD EPYC Rome CPU.

However, AMD is yet to officially confirm the double L3 Cache for AMD EPYC Rome CPU. A SiSoft SANDRA listing is the source of this information. The database entry sheds light on some technical aspects of the upcoming AMD EPYC CPU.

According to the listing, this particular AMD server processor comes with eight 7nm 8-core “Zen 2” CPU chiplets. The listing also reveals the cache hierarchy for 64-core AMD EPYC Rome.

AMD EPYC Rome L3 Cache

The AMD server processor features 512 KB dedicated L2 cache per core and 16 x 16 MB L3 cache per core. Now there are a total of 8 Chiplets in AMD EPYC 64 Core CPU.

With the listing suggesting 16 x 16 MB L3 cache for AMD EPYC 64 Core CPU, it seems likely that each of the 8 Chiplets for the 64-core AMD EPYC Rome features double the L3 cache.

Meaning each of the 8 Chiplets features two 16 MB L3 caches and the 8 Cores are divided into two quad-core CCX units with 16 MB L3 cache, each. This doubling of the L3 cache suggests increased data transfer speeds and processing.

64 Core AMD EPYC Rome CPU is in the news for quite some time and AMD is yet to roll it out. With 2018 coming to an end, it is likely that this AMD server processor will launch in 2019.

According to AMD, it is in a very competitive position in 2019 with its AMD EPYC Rome and its other 7nm CPUs. AMD CEO, Lisa Su, noted that AMD has “a very competitive position in 2019”.

She added that with the help of its AMD EPYC CPUs, AMD will be able to reach mid-single digits in the server processor market by the end of this year.

Furthermore, the company sees “enhanced interest” in the upcoming 64 core AMD EPYC Rome CPU. The company noted that the increased interest in due to the success of EPYC “Naples”.

Speaking of AMD CPUs based on Zen architecture, Ryzen CPUs have taken the CPU market by storm. Aside from desktop and mobile CPU market, AMD Ryzen is also a favored option in the embedded systems market.

One example of this is the upcoming AMD Ryzen powered Steam handheld, SMACH Z. SMACH Z is confirmed for a 2019 release and features Ryzen V1605B with AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics.

SMACH Z comes in three variants and each features AMD Ryzen V1605B with AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics. Furthermore, the steam handheld provides the flexibility of PC gaming.

It goes without saying that SMACH Z will be a potential competitor to Nintendo Switch. With its increased performance it might actually be able to beat it.

However, SMACH Z is marketed towards PC gamers and its base price tag of $699 won’t help it either. But, the video game benchmark results for the Steam handheld reveals incredible performance.

Source: Techpowerup

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