Ambitious Man Tries to Steal a PlayStation 4 by Hiding it in His Pants

Apparently, it’s very possible to be touched even when you’re wearing M.C. Hammer pants.

Granted, the pants are rather large, but a vast majority of folks who wear any kind of pants wouldn’t try to stuff a 2.09” x 10.83” x 12.01” PlayStation 4 box inside them.

Yes, that’s what a fellow named Christopher Caldwell tried to do. It’s applaud worthy how he managed to get the PS4 box inside his pants. Unfortunately for him, a box that big bulging out of your pants is way too conspicuous for a security guard to not notice.

The incident occurred at a Walmart center in Port St. Lucie, and the loss prevention officer had Chistropher, aged 36, thrown in jail.

If you thought hiding a PlayStation 4 box in the pants was impossible, Christopher proved you wrong by a mile, because in addition to the console box itself, he also decided to stuff his Hammer pants with additional accessories.

Hammer pants are generally known to have extra space in the crotch area, and were made famous in the 1990s be by singer M.C. Hammer.

Sadly for Christopher, they aren’t the perfect tools for thieving. Hopefully someone lets him have a sniff of what it’s like to play a PlayStation 4 – a legally owned one that is.

Source: Off the Beat

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