Amazing New Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay Trailer Released

X019 also had news to excite aviation fans. This is because they shared here a new preview of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the return of the aviation series.

X019 also had news to excite aviation fans. This is because they shared a new preview of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the expected return of the Microsoft aviation series. This is a video of almost 2 minutes in which Microsoft shows us some of the locations that this aviation experience will take us to.

As you will see, it is a title with a very attractive graphic section, so the landscapes it presents look amazing. That is not all, since the advance also lets us see some of the planes that we can pilot in this installment.

These are aerial vehicles of companies such as Airbus, The Boeing Company; CubCrafters; Daher; Diamond Aircraft Industries; ICON Aircraft; Robin Aircraft and Textron Aviation. Without further ado we leave you with the trailer below.

There is a lot of excitement about the arrival of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially since its Insider Program is active with various Alpha tests. Thanks to this, several players had the opportunity to test the title before their debut. There are some aviation fans who are convinced that Microsoft Flight Simulator would be a great virtual reality experience.

However, Microsoft did not give details about the use of such technology during the presentation of the game at E3 2019. Given this, Jorg Neumann, director of the game, revealed that initially they did not have among their plans to use virtual reality in the game. However, they are aware of the wishes of the players, so now they do not discard it at all.

We are listening, and we have heard it, so we will do everything possible to make this happen. Whether we achieve it or not for the launch, we cannot commit to it at this time, but we are aware of the desire.

The creative commented that they will give priority to some sections of the title, but they will also give importance to the implementation of virtual reality. Of course, it’s great news, especially for how ambitious Microsoft Flight Simulator will be in terms of its world and mechanics. More development information will be offered for members of the Insider Program.

According to Microsoft, the game is designed for PC but will debut fully optimized for Xbox One. I remind you that Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive on Xbox One and PC sometime in 2020. In other news, Inside Xbox delivered very interesting news and announcements, especially for those who are Game Pass subscribers.

The event also had space for revelations in niche games and those fans looking to take over a virtual amusement park can do so thanks to the arrival of Planet Coaster for consoles. During Inside Xbox, Frontier Developments revealed that its acclaimed and successful strategic amusement park simulator, Planet Coaster, will hit PS4 and Xbox One in the summer of next year.

The game will bring all the content that has succeeded the original PC game to the console version. As you can expect, the Planet Coaster Console Edition proposal will respect the essence of the installment that debuted on PC in 2016, that is, you will have absolute control of an amusement park from its humble beginning to achieve large-scale success.

In the same way, Planet Coaster Console Edition will keep the focus on the construction of the most amazing and challenging mechanical games, in whose process you can unleash your creativity.

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