Alleged Call Of Duty 2020 Leak Names Supposed Main Characters, Title

A supposed Call of Duty 2020 leak has given us character names and a title, as well as the possibility of it being another reboot.

A supposed Call of Duty 2020 leak has apparently released the title and main characters of the upcoming game, alongside more alleged facts that we likely won’t know are true or not until the game is actually officially announced. The game appears, for the moment, to be called “Call of Duty: Classified”.

Considering that Infinity Ward developed and released the Modern Warfare reboot this past year, that means that it’s Treyarch’s turn to get back into Call of Duty-making after they released Black Ops 4 back in 2018. Going by the leaks, they appear to be taking a page out of Infinity Ward’s book, too.

Treyarch really got into the good graces of the Call of Duty crowd by creating the highly popular Black Ops series of Call of Duty games, which unlike many Call of Duty games before or since, took place during the Cold War, rather than in a modern setting or World War 2.

According to the Call of Duty 2020 leak, Classified will be taking us back to the Vietnam War, a war that has, except for the original Black Ops, not really been explored by Call of Duty, likely due to its controversial history. At the same time, the game’s plot will have us uncovering Soviet experiments into human experimentation.

Considering the stunning reception that Modern Warfare got when it released, if Treyarch is actually developing a reboot of the Black Ops games, hopefully they’ll have the same luck, though we still can’t promise what might happen in games built as sequels to each one.

Once again, none of this has actually been confirmed yet, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt for now. If the Call of Duty 2020 leak actually turns out to be true, we’ll likely find out sometime this summer if Activision and Treyarch want to release a trailer for the game, and see for ourselves sometime this year.

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