All These Titles Will Soon Arrive On Xbox Game Pass For September 2019

September has already started and brings great news for Xbox Game Pass users. The service will receive great games in the coming days, including major releases such as Gears 5 and prominent indies such as Dead Cells, a game that has for long already been confirmed.

However, more surprises are coming for both the service on Xbox One and PC. Users of the console will be able to enjoy the games already mentioned starting tomorrow, but Metal Gear Solid HD Edition: 2 & 3 will also be released, which includes 2 of the most beloved deliveries of the franchise.

Other games that will be added to Xbox Game Pass are Creature in the Well, Enter the Gungeon, Gonner Blüberry Edition, Bad North: Jotunn Edition, as well as Shadow Warrior 2. Below I leave the complete list of games, with their respective platforms and dates.

Xbox Game Pass

September 5

  • Dead Cells (Xbox One) – This is a roguelike video game developed by Motion Twins that unites several common elements in different video game genres under very demanding joint mechanics, betting on the classic ingredients of 2D metroidvanias’.
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: 2 & 3 (Xbox One) – This edition makes the leap to high definition with this Konami compilation. They enhanced the graphics of the games allowing us to relive the adventures of Solid Snake, Raiden and more.

September 6

  • Creature in the Well (Xbox One and PC) – This is an adventure that unites elements of dungeon crawler, pinball and hack and slash in a very original mix. We will have to overcome all kinds of traps in intricate dungeons while fighting enemies using our sword, bouncing energy shots, as if it were a pinball game.
  • Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (Xbox One and PC) – This is the new installment of the iconic third-person action saga Gears of War. This time the protagonist of this shooting adventure will be Kait Diaz, betting to return to the roots of the series and show a more innovative and risky graphic and artistic style. In addition, it will be the first Gears of War game that adopts a structure similar to that of the open world.

September 12

  • Enter the Gungeon (Xbox One and PC) – This is a third-person action title of retro aesthetics in two dimensions that will invite us to discover intricate dungeons in each game alone or accompanied by a friend. Humor will be very present, our enemies being a kind of religious cult composed of bullets and ammunition cartridges of anthropomorphic forms.
  • GoNNER – BLÜEBERRY Edition (Xbox One and PC) – This is a tough 2D side scrolling game with roguelike elements and set in a dark and delusional world. In it we control Ikk in his adventure to find a way to cheer up his only friend in the world, a whale named Sally.

Titles without confirmed date

  • Bad North: Jotun Edition (PC) – This is a strategy game in which our job is to organize the defenses against hard northern invaders that have killed our father, the king. Thus, the player must organize the defenses and survive the attacks defending our idyllic island of the Viking horde in this real-time strategy game.
  • Shadow Warrior 2 (PC) – This game returns to try to recover the action of the 90s. You embody Lo Wang, the protagonist of the previous installments, with a story five years after the first game.

Some of the most important August releases were Devil May Cry 5, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, as well as Blair Witch. On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass for PC also received some features highly anticipated by its users.

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