Aliens Fireteam Elite Demolisher Guide

Aliens Fireteam Elite consists of five classes: Recon, Demolisher, Technician, Gunner, and Doc. Players must be part of one of the five classes to get through the several campaigns and horde mode.  In this guide, we’ll look into the Aliens Fireteam Elite Demolisher Class and discuss its several perks and advantages.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Demolisher Class

If we have to suggest one of the more efficient classes in Aliens Fireteam Elite, it has to be Demolisher without a doubt.  Demolisher in AFE is an intense class due to its possession of heavy weapons and ability to take down heaps of enemies.

It also has spectacular mobility that gives it an advantage in defensive strategies. We’ve discussed more of this in detail below.

Demolisher Weapons

In terms of weaponry, Demolisher is the best class to be in. They are the only class that can equip themselves with heavy weapons and explosives.  They have access to deadly weapons like flame throwers, rocket launchers, and a smart gun.

These deadly weapons become even deadlier with their incredible magazine capacity. This feature lets the player use these weapons continuously without worrying about reloading. Take down huge hordes of enemies without ever pausing!

Although, as spacious as these magazines are, they do indeed run out, just after a little while compared to normal guns.

Apart from heavy weaponry, they also have basic rifles as their primary weapon, which substantially damages the enemies. They, too, are offered in a variety. They vary from mid to long-range weapons, including automatic fire rifles, designated marksman rifles, and sniper rifles.

Demolisher Abilities

Demolishers have two kit abilities and one kit perk.

Micro Rockets

Micro Rocket is your shoulder-mounted rocket launcher that, upon activation, fires three rockets at once. They lock the target on your enemies, and when they are released, they create a large shockwave that harms anything that comes into contact with it.

Blast Wave

Blast Wave creates more of a close-range shockwave. When enemies get close to you, and you use this ability, you unleash an AoE concussive blast around you. It will damage enemies within the AoE and knock them back in the process.

Clear the Room

Clear the Room is a kit perk that is a stackable buff. Using this with one of the two abilities above will give you a stack of Clear the Room and additional stacks for the number of enemies to hit with that ability.

Weapon Modifications

There are also a bunch of modifications available in Aliens Fireteam Elite to make your weapons stronger.

Fire and Forget

The enemies will take 25% more damage from Micro Rockets when launched in area-based attacks and will lose 8% of their lives within a matter of 8 seconds.

Demolisher Heavy Expertise

Increases radius in heavy weapons by 15% and damage of heavy weapons by 10%.

Demolisher Rifle Expertise

Increase in rifle stability and range by 15%.

Napalm Rockets

Your micro-rockets will now fire a whopping 12 rockets at once that will damage large fields.

Loud and Clear

It grants an additional stack for Clear the Room and increases damage by 20%.

Assault and Battery

The cooldown for Blast Wave will be reduced by 10% once a target is hit.

Dazed and Confused

Enemies who come in contact with Blast Waver will be left dazed and confused. In addition, they’ll receive 20% more damage in a matter of 10 seconds.

Quick and Dirty

As the Clear the Room ability dies down, the cooldown is reset by one second for every lost stack.

Bigger and Better

Expands the range for attached ability by 40%.

Sidearm Mastery

An increase of 25 % in the fire rate of the sidearms.

Demolisher Rifle Mastery

Improves accuracy and reload speed of rifles.

Demolisher Heavy Mastery

Increases the Fire rate and stability of heavy weapons by 15%.

Concussive Rockets

Your micro-rockets will now fire four rockets simultaneously, expanding the damage radius even more and knocking out enemies.


Demolisher is a well-balanced class and performs probably the best out of all the other classes in the game. You get to operate heavy weaponry and deal massive amounts of damage!

It enables you to take down mobs of enemies and bosses in one go without taking a pause.

It’s the best class to especially deal damage in a wide radius and knock off enemies from a distance. It’s a DPS player’s dream!


There are also a bunch of downsides to this class. First, demolishers lack Support Abilities which deprives them of buffing the allies.

The second downside is tunnel vision. Heavy weaponry often leads to tunnel vision which can be very harmful when being attacked from all sides.

The third and last downside would be the quick burn of ammo. Although heavy weaponry is the highlight of this class, you can easily run out of ammo. For these reasons, you have to strategize your use of your heavy weapons.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Best Demolisher Builds

Demolishers are the frontline monsters, demolishing anything and everything that comes in their way. Their thirst for blood is never-ending, such that they’ll start putting out their own teammates if you’re not careful enough.

However, their true potential is only achieved if you manage to put together the right loadout for them. Here are some of the best Demolisher Builds.

Blood Thirsty

This build does justice to the class by making it the most damaging class ever. By the time you’re done with this build, you should have a combat rating of 710.

The sniper rifle that we’ve selected for this class, too, has a better fire rate than most other rifles in its league.

It does have less damage at a longer range but does pretty well in close encounters.

Rifle Slot

  • Weapon: M41A2 Pulse Rifle
  • Medium Muzzle: Precision Brake
  • Medium Magazine: Drum Magazine
  • Medium Optics: Hybrid Optics

Heavy Slot

  • Weapons: L56A3 Smartgun
  • Large Muzzle: Extended Flash Hider
  • Barrel: Polygonal Rifling
  • Armature: Deep Railed Armature


  • Micro Rockets: Rapid Deployment, Loud and Clear, Force Multiplier IV, Force Multiplier III, Bigger and Better
  • Down and Out
  • Ready and Able
  • Rough and Tumble
  • Rampage
  • Demolisher Heavy Training: Demolisher Heavy Expertise

Long-Ranged Build

Demolishers are usually used for clearing the area. However, if you want to take out a few individual enemies from a distance as well, then this build will suit you the best.

This build will have a combat rating of 705.

Rifle Slot

  • Weapon: TWILIGHT V.4
  • Large Muzzle: Precision Hider
  • Large Magazine: Armor Piercing Rounds
  • Large Optics: Digital Scope

Heavy Slot

  • Weapons: L56A3 Smartgun
  • Large Muzzle: Tanker Muzzle Brake
  • Barrel: Hammer Forged Rifling
  • Armature: Quick Charge Armature


  • Blastwave: Bigger and better, Quick Charge III, Enhanced Reach IV, Quick Charge IV, Enhanced Reach III, Assault battery, Loud and Clear, Dazed and Confused
  • Down and Out
  • Clear the Room: Quick and Dirty
  • Micro Rockets: Concussive Rockets

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