Alien Isolation Errors, Crashes, FOV, Stuttering, Flashlight, Blackscreen Fixes

Alien: Colonial Marines left us with a bad experience and most of us were skeptical about the latest iteration, Alien: Isolation.

Now that the game is out, I will have to say that Creative Assembly has done a good job to bring a praise worthy survival horror experience for the fans.

Alien: Isolation got released on PC along with other major platforms, and it seems that PC users (at least some of them) didn’t get a smooth experience they might be hoping for.

Those notorious crashes, errors and bugs can really be irritating sometimes, right? Well, worry not as we have shortlisted common problems with possible solutions/workarounds for you so that you can start your Alien journey as soon as possible.

#1 Alien Isolation Out of Range Error Fix
If your PC is good enough to run the game, and you are still getting this error, the problem is refresh rate related It’s recommended that you change your display settings to default and try running the game again.

#2 Alien Isolation – How to Skip Intro Videos
If you want to skip intro video in Alien Isolation, just use the following simple steps:

  • Go to Steam\SteamApps\common\Alien Isolation\DATA\UI\MOVIES
  • Once you are in the folder, you need to find the following files:


Now delete “.” in these lines so they will look like: AMD_IDENTUSM (or you can rename them anyway you want). Start the game again without annoying intros.

#3 Alien Isolation Game Crashes After a Few Minutes
Some users have reported that their game is being crashed randomly just after booting up. If that’s the case with you, try turning off vsync and restarting your PC. Furthermore, try verifying the integrity of your game files.

#4 Alien Isolation Game Crash Fix (Nvidia User)
Nvidia users are experiencing crashes, especially those using 344.11 driver version In order to fix the issue, it’s recommended that you uninstall your current driver completely and install the latest version again.

#5 Alien Isolation – How to Increase FOV
Although Alien Isolation does offer you FOV up to 75 by default, but many gamers aren’t contended with that. If you are looking for a way to increase it, following are the step by step instructions:

First, you need to find a file in Alien Isolation/DATA folder by the name of ENGINE_SETTINGS.XML. Open the file using a text editor and find the following lines:

<setting name=”Field Of View”>
<quality name=”47″ float=”47.0″ precedence=”7″></quality>
<quality name=”50″ float=”50.0″ precedence=”6″></quality>
<quality name=”55″ float=”55.0″ precedence=”5″></quality>
<quality name=”60″ float=”60.0″ precedence=”4″></quality>
<quality name=”65″ float=”65.0″ precedence=”3″></quality>
<quality name=”70″ float=”70.0″ precedence=”2″></quality>
<quality name=”75″ float=”75.0″ precedence=”1″></quality>

Now, after the second line, you need to add this code: . That will change the FOV to 100 but if you want a different value, you can add the number accordingly.

#6 Alien Isolation Stuttering Fix
If your game is stuttering right from the start, try unplugging any extra USB peripherals you might have connected to your PC except keyboard and mouse.

The stutter has been reported to be caused by a USB headphone. I know it’s not a fix, but until we have one, this way you can at least run your game.

Furthermore, if you are using a refresh rate more than 60hz, try lowering it as the game doesn’t seem too friendly with other refresh rates.

#7 Alien Isolation Flashlight Bug
There have been reports by the users that Flashlight in the game’s initial part doesn’t function normally. It’s not a game breaker though as when you enter the next section, it will start working normally.

#8 Alien Isolation Black Screen Fix
If you are experiencing a black screen with sounds in the background on startup, then it’s most probably due to resolution conflict.

First thing you should try is press Alt+Enter to shift the game into the windowed mode. This should make the interface visible to you. Now, adjust the resolution and refresh rate according to your native screen settings.

Otherwise, you will have to edit your config file (Engine_settings.xml) in Isolation/DATA folder. You can read up on it in detail here.

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