Alan Wake Remastered Episode 6 Collectibles Locations Guide

There are plenty of collectibles and trophies in Alan Wake Remastered. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the locations of Alan Wake Remastered Episode 6 Collectibles.

Alan Wake Remastered Episode 6 Collectibles Locations

There are six distinct kinds of collectibles in Alan Wake Remastered Episode 6: Departure. It is essential to remember that if you die while looking for these collectibles, you won’t have to collect the items you’ve already collected.

Each of them has a different location, which we’ve listed here. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Coffee Thermos Locations

Episode 6, Departure, of Alan Wake Remastered, has 11 Coffee Thermoses. Below is the location of each thermos.

Coffee Thermos #1

Right after the flashback is over, the thermos is on your left on the picnic table.

Coffee Thermos #2

As you go to the logging area, you can find the thermos near a box in front of a huge barn on the left side of the road. Right before the first tunnel that leads you into the dark.

Coffee Thermos #3

During the night, you will come across a motel after passing through the tunnel. Enter that motel’s lobby after parking. Go to the bathroom, and you’ll find the thermos there.

Coffee Thermos #4

You’ll find a barn with a car inside while you’re on the wide-open field with the Taken monster truck. In the next field over, there’s another barn. The thermos is sitting on several stairs right outside the door.

Coffee Thermos #5

When you arrive at the work camp and need to discover the controls to unlock a gate, look inside the white van’s garage for a thermos. You will find it on a shelf.

Coffee Thermos #6

Reach the scrapyard and before jumping over a ramp, proceed to the right side. You will see a stack of wooden pallets. On those pallets, you will find the thermos.

Coffee Thermos #7

Check one of the cottages on the right-hand side for the thermos while you’re in the ghost town with the huge searchlight in the distance. The Thermos is in the building with the big billboard in front of it.

Coffee Thermos #8

Jump across to the walkway and continue past the birds after you’ve completed your mine cart ride. Before turning right, you will find a thermos at the wooden supports at the end of this walkway.

Coffee Thermos #9

You can find this thermos during a scene in which large things fall from the sky. A red railway boxcar resting on a rock will be found. Inside, there’s a thermos and other supplies.

Coffee Thermos #10

You can find the thermos in the second ghost town on a floor behind the broken windmill.

Coffee Thermos #11

You can find the final thermos in the dreamscape lake by finding the word ‘Thermos’ to activate the final thermos in the game.

Can Pyramids

You can find 2 Can Pyramids in Episode 6 of Alan Wake Remastered. Now we will show how to find those Pyramids.

Can Pyramid #1

You can locate the first Can Pyramid in the parking lot of the Majestic Hotel against a low wall.

Can Pyramid #2

Go to the garage of the scrapyard. You will find it on a desk near the front gate of the scrapyard.

Manuscript Pages

In Episode 6, there are 10 Manuscripts.

Manuscript Page #1

This page is titled “The Dark Presence Wants to Stop Wake”. Right after you have crossed the tunnel at night just keep on moving along the road and you will find this page just before a safe haven.

Manuscript Page #2

Titles as “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 1”, this page can only be collected in Nightmare difficulty. This page can be found on the sofa which is in the reception of the motel.

Manuscript Page #3

The title of this page is “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 2”. Just like the previous manuscript, this page also can only be collected in Nightmare difficulty. After defeating the possessed monster truck, go inside the big well-lit barn to find this page. It’s on the second floor, on a shelf.

Manuscript Page #4

You’ll reach a haven and a fresh truck to drive after passing through the tunnel with all the chunks of black gloop on the floor. The page is exactly in front of the sanctuary on the ground. The title of this page is “The Trail of the Dark Presence”

Manuscript Page #5

Instead of driving up a hill to the right to get to the scrapyard sign, keep moving forward with the roadwork signs.  You’ll find the page on the side of a green truck on your way up to a blocked tunnel. The page will be titled “Sarah and Barry in the Well-Lit Room”

Manuscript Page #6

Titled “The Poet and the Muse Lyrics 3”, this page can be found on a small table on the upper floor of the scrapyard garage. You can collect this page only in Nightmare difficulty.

Manuscript Page #7

For this page, you’ll have to start the crane using the generators in the scrapyard. Just before you approach the ladder, there’s a paper on a rusty stove to the right titled “Thomas Zane’s Last Drive”

Manuscript Page #8

Titled “The Dark Place”, you can find this page by entering a chapel in the ghost town. You’ll find this page on the ground of the chapel.

Manuscript Page #9

It is titled “Zane’s Poem”. This page can only be found on Nightmare difficulty. In the final mine camp area, this paper is pinned to the fence.

Manuscript Page #10

After traveling up the elevator at the mining camp, you can find the last page on the wooden path. It’ll be right in front of you as you exit the elevator, so it’ll be impossible to miss. The title of this page is “The Way through the Dark Place”


In Episode 6: Departure, there is a total of 5 collectible chests.

Chest #1

Drive the vehicle to the entrance to the logging area (the place where you picked up a rifle and ammo).

Off-road, follow the footrail to this supply case.

Chest #2

After fighting your way through an enemy-infested tunnel, you’ll be able to drive to a labor camp with a light pole safe zone. You’ll find the chest after the fight in the safe zone by following the holo-markers.

Chest #3

After passing through the scrapyard, you’ll come to a T-intersection with a hut, a damaged bridge, and what appears to be a sawmill. This supply chest will be found in the shack.

Chest #4

To find this supply chest, ride the mine cart. When crossing the tunnel, find the light pole safe zone on the ground. Near the light pole, you will find a boxcar that will lead you to this supply chest.

Chest #5

This supply chest is located in a half-completed building near a burning can and a car crash.


Episode 6 has four different signs.

Sign #1

The sign is located near a red SUV and a trailer at the first red stop.

Sign #2

When you notice the hotel sign while driving in the thick fog.

Sign #3

Check the fence at the scrapyard’s entry road for a sign.

Sign #4

After fighting your way through an enemy-infested tunnel, you’ll be able to drive to a labor camp with a light pole safe zone. The sign is on the sliding hangar door, which is beside a partially open door with a white vehicle and a hunting gun inside.

TV Shows

Only 1 TV show can be collected in Episode 6 of Alan Wake Remastered and it is the final Tv show.

TV Show # 1

After listening to Barry’s message, the final TV show automatically starts in Wake’s place when you turn on the TV.

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