How To Switch Characters In Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, you can switch between Alan and Saga when you reach a Janitor's Bucket.

Alan Wake 2 is a game with a story focused on 2 characters you switch between. Both of these characters have separate storylines, and both are independent of each other. Our first character is Saga, an FBI detective trying to navigate her way through the forest cult case.

She traverses through the real world while Alan, our second character, lives in the Dark Place where he has been imprisoned for 13 years. The option of switching doesn’t come easily but here’s how you can switch characters in Alan Wake 2. 

How to switch between Alan and Saga in Alan Wake 2

alan wake 2 switch alan and saga

You can switch between characters by approaching the Janitor’s Bucket. An automatic prompt will pop up on your screen to “switch realities,” completing the switch between Alan and Saga. You may or may not be spawned in the same place you are standing, but the Janitor’s Bucket locations differ for each world. They are random spawns that can be found in many break rooms. 

The switching mechanic becomes available only after progressing through the “Haunting” Chapter. Before it, the game will have you play some parts like Saga and Alan. Once the “Haunting” chapter is completed, you will be prompted to go inside the Janitor’s Break Room in the lodge you will be in.

As you get close to the bucket, you will get an option on your screen to switch realities or, in plain words, switch characters. 

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