Alan Wake 2: Talk Show Studio Door Codes

Escape the nightmare loop of the TV Studio.

Following your strange interview in the first chapter, you will find yourself trapped inside a nightmarish Talk Show Studio in Alan Wake 2 that you must escape by finding the correct door codes.

You will quickly realize that you are stuck in a loop. If you do manage to get through the first locked door, you will eventually be transported back to the start but with a door that requires a second door code.

The only way to break the loop is to find both door codes to escape the Talk Show Studio.

TV Studio Door Code 1

You will start the dream sequence on the main stage of the late-night talk show. Turn left and head towards the lobby that takes you backstage.

There is an exit door at the end of the lobby that will be locked. Its correct door code is 6-6-5 in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 TV Studio Door Code 1

You can find this code for yourself by heading into the Old Gods of Asgard room on the left side of the lobby. There will be a neon sign behind the sofa that reads “665 – Neighbor of the Beast”.

Use the code to go through the door to advance the storyline. You will make your way through the makeup room and reach another exit that leads to the cafeteria.

Take the open door on the left and follow the red neon lighting to the stage room. You will be immediately teleported to a room with nothing but a typewriter on a table.

Interact with the typewriter and you will wake up back at the beginning of the Talk Show Studio from where you just started in Alan Wake 2.

TV Studio Door Code 2

You will naturally head back to the same lobby door but this time, it will require a new door code.

The correct door code for the second door in the TV Talk Show Studio is 5-6-5 in Alan Wake 2.

To find this yourself, head back to the Old Gods of Asgard room for the neon sighn. This time, however, you need to note the pattern of flashing numbers.

Insert the code and head into the small room that has a red light emitting on the door. Open the door and make your way to the very end of the cafeteria where you’ll find a middle-aged janitor slowly humming. Interact with the janitor to further continue the Initiation 1 chapter in Alan Wake 2.

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