Alan Wake 2 Scratch Boss Fight Guide

You will face problems against Scratch in Alan Wake 2 as he has devastating attacks will be invulnerable during phase 1. But approach with the right strategy and you will defeat him.

Scratch is a relentless and mighty villain in Alan Wake 2. It might seem impossible to defeat him, but you can do so with the right strategy. Saga will be hunting Alan, so she brings him back from the dark side and will defeat Scratch in the process.

In every encounter, you must power up the lights while fighting him to make him vulnerable. This guide will cover all the tricks you need to know about outrunning Scratch and putting him down.  

Alan Wake 2 Scratch Location

The game begins inside the sheriff’s station, where Alan is locked in a cell. He argues with Saga for the Clicker, which soon turns nasty, and Scratch reveals his true form. This is the first encounter Saga has with Scratch.

Scratch is quick, and the flashlight does not affect him, unlike other bosses. So, you need to focus on powering the generator. He will not take any damage during the first fight so save your ammo. After the power is on, Scratch disappears into thin air. Saga then sets out to search for Alan so he can change the manuscript.  

She sets out to the Cauldron Lake and performs the ritual to unlock the overlap. But nothing comes out of it. Saga sees another vision of Alan dying at the hands of his insane variant while stuck in a loop. That variant comes out of the portal during the first chapter (nightingale’s final battle). This is when Scratch shows up for the second and final time in the chapter in Alan Wake 2. 

Alan Wake 2 Scratch Walkthrough

You will face Scratch twice in the game; first at the Sheriff’s station and second at the Cauldron Lake. Here is the strategy for dealing with him.


Phase One Walkthrough

When Scratch unveils himself inside the station, you must run out from the backdoor into the parking lot. Besides being fast, Scratch can teleport, and his hammer strikes hard. So, hiding behind obstacles might save you from the hammer. But you need to be on the move quickly afterward. Once outside, you will notice three generators with red dots on them; this is your cue to power up the lot.

The pump-action shotgun is the best weapon to use against him. Alternatively, you can use the Pistol and sawed-off shotgun as a backup option. However, do consider Scratch’s teleport ability and your remaining ammo. These weapons will help you stun him only. Keep your distance, run towards the generator, and hold X to power them up.  

Outside the station, you will see the first generator beside the stairs next to a supply box. The second generator will be behind the stake of crates, and the last one will be behind the dumpster. Once the lights are on, Scratch will disappear. 

Scratch will always jump up and interrupt the powering process, so you stun him properly beforehand in Alan Wake 2.

Phase Two Walkthrough

After powering up the generators, you will notice a cell in the middle and two large lights. Your main goal is to dodge Scratch while directing the lights onto the cell. But this time, you can damage him.

Keep your pump-action shotgun ready for the attack and stay in the open so Estevez can stun him with the light. Your primary focus should be the lights, but keep in mind that it will require 2-3 attempts when you finally succeed in directing the lights onto the metallic cell. So when Scratch is stunned by the light, and he is at a greater distance, make your way towards the light immediately.  

When you see Scratch charging up, step back to dodge his dark shockwaves in Alan Wake 2. Once both lights are directed to the cell, run inside and wait for him to step inside. This will lead to the end of the ultimate boss of chapter 6.

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