How To Unlock The Parking Lot Gate In Alan Wake 2

At the start of the game, you will find a parking lot with a gate that will be locked in Alan Wake 2. Here is how to unlock it.

At the very start of the game, you are subjected to witness a gruesome murder. After that is when Return 1 starts. You will be following an FBI official named Casey. Some distance ahead, you will find a locked door that opens up to a parking lot in Alan Wake 2.

It is the only thing separating the woods from the parking space and is secured by a padlock. You will need the Shortcut key to open up this area. Here’s how you can acquire this key. 

How to get the parking lot lock key in Alan Wake 2

You can get this key after you have completed the investigation of the murder you witnessed before Return 1 started. Head down the trail with Casey, and you will find Sheriff Breaker at the entrance through the fence. Head down there and complete the investigation.

After you’re done with the investigation, you should be getting the body to the morgue. Head back towards the murder site. Sheriff Thornton will have a short dialogue with you and give you the key, mentioning it is for the parking lot. Using this key, you can open up the way to the parking lot in Alan Wake 2.

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