How To Get Into The Oceanview Hotel In Alan Wake 2

The Oceanview Hotel can be tricky to get into in Alan Wake 2 so you'll have to use your brains here.

Chapter five of Alan Wake 2 covers Alan’s story where he is stuck under the influence of dark presence and sets out to search for Oceanview Hotel. He does this after getting an anonymous invitation over the phone. Despite the hotel being near, it doesn’t let Alan walk right in.

For those tired of following the neon signs, this guide will help you locate the Oceanview Hotel and break through the locked door. 

Alan Wake 2 Oceanview Hotel Location

Just outside the hotel, you will see a narrow valley leading in by a green sign. Get in and find your way toward the entrance of Mirror Peak Bar. Get inside and climb down the stairs, and you will get out on a roof. Find a ladder and climb down. Follow the lead and make your way to the rooftop that has the “Final Casey” billboard displayed on top.  

Make your way down the stairs, and you will be standing at the Oceanview Hotel bar in Alan Wake 2. As you try to get inside, you will find the door is locked. You will need to enter the code to get inside. The code is found nearby at the pricing board. Simply look at it to know the code and proceed. Enter the code and the door will unlock and you can proceed with the game.

Alan Wake 2 Oceanview Hotel Door code

Go to the bar and look at the menu. The code to open the hotel door is written on the pricing board next to Oceanview Cocktail bar. The code will usually be 2550. But if it doesn’t work for you, look at the pricing board to find the code for your game.

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