Alan Wake 2 Mulligan And Thornton Boss Guide 

Mulligan and Thornton are two deputies who were overtaken by the Darkness and became Taken in Alan Wake 2. They appear as bosses in the game.

To track the Clicker and save Logan, Saga must hunt the cult members Mulligan and Thornton in Alan Wake 2. These ex-deputies were seen in the starting chapter and are now back as Taken.

The guide will help you locate and fight not one but two Taken bosses. This will be a tricky fight, so keep your nerves steady and your shotgun ready! 

Alan Wake 2 Mulligan and Thornton location 

To track Mulligan and Thornton, Saga must visit the Watery and complete rituals to open the overlap well located at the Coffee World. Once Saga crosses the overlap, she finds her way inside a tunnel. Like every other overlap, the forest will repeat a couple of times each time, Saga crosses a well.

The first time, the well will be dry; the second time, it will be filled with blood; and the third time, it brings them out. 

Mulligan and Thornton Walkthrough 

Saga encounters the bosses twice in the story. She won’t be able to damage them in the first encounter, so your focus should be on destroying the five orbs surrounding the well. During the second encounter, you will finally get to take them out. Keep your weapon in check.

But do remember to take cover from the sniper and attack Thornton first


Phase One

During the first phase, one of the bosses will climb out of the well. Use a red flare to see his location. At this point, shooting him will do no good. So focus on taking out the five dark orbs that surround the well. Doing so will make them vulnerable. Destroy them with the flashlight. The longer they stay in the area, Thornton and Mulligan will keep respawning.

If Mulligan climbs out in the first phase, he will secure high grounds by shooting from the cliff edge. If Thornton, climbs out, then he will shoot from the ground instead. Once the orbs are destroyed, the battle proceeds to phase two. 

Phase Two

With orbs gone, Mulligan and Thornton will emerge together in Alan Wake 2 and start shooting simultaneously. Use a red flare to see where they are. Engage Thornton first as he will be on the ground. Use a sawed-off shotgun to take him down. Two well-aimed headshots should do the trick.

Mulligan will be the remaining threat. With him standing on the cliff, you’ll need to clear some distance before you can engage him. The tricky part is dodging incoming fire so keep moving so it’s harder for him to get a shot in. Once close enough, feel free to engage him. Weaken him with the sawed-off shotgun or crossbow and then take him out with a headshot. Once done, the bosses Mulligan and Thornton will be defeated in Alan Wake 2.

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