Alan Wake 2 Manuscript Pages Locations Guide 

You can find Manuscripts Pages in Alan Wake 2 that reveal more info about the game and the lore.

Manuscript Pages are collectibles found while playing as Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2. These pages are available in most of Saga’s returns/ chapters, some of which are mandatory and unmissable, while others may need some digging to be obtained.  

This guide will help you find the locations of all manuscript pages in Alan Wake 2. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 1 (Invitation) 

The first chapter of Saga Anderson’s journey introduces you to only two manuscript pages. These are part of the main storyline, so there’s no chance of missing them in your gameplay. 

Manuscript Page 1- The Message  

Location: Cauldron Lake 

As you search for the big tree along with Casey in Witch’s Ladle, there will be a cutscene once you find some clues. After the cutscene ends, you will have the first page. 

Manuscript Page 2- Saga Fights Nightingale with Light 

Location: Bright Fall 

While in the morgue, you will see a cutscene depicting Saga examining the fat body of Robert Nightingale. The second of the manuscript pages in this Return will be obtained from the chest of this body in Alan Wake 2. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 2 (The Heart) 

The Return 2 of Alan Wake 2 comprises several manuscript pages. Some of these are missable, although you can get them in later chapters.  

Manuscript Page 1- Saga Pursues Nightingale 

Location: Bright Falls 

Having fought with Nightingale at the morgue, you will enter Return 2 of Saga’s journey. With that, you can spot the first manuscript of this chapter placed on the ground. 

Manuscript Page 2- Saga Finds A Safe Haven 

Location: Cauldron Lake 

The second manuscript page is obtained when you return to the big tree to find clues about the murder case in Cauldron Lake. The page will be placed right beneath the tree. 

Manuscript Page 3- Saga Opens The Cauldron Lake Overlap 

Location: Cauldron Lake 

After leaving the Witch’s Ladle, you will head to a small shack called Witch’s Hut. This shack contains another of the manuscript pages we are searching for in Alan Wake 2. First, you’ll have to light up the hut to see things inside. To do so, you must find a Fuse nearby and place it in the fuse box.  

You can spot the manuscript page on a cabinet shelf when you head inside the shack.  

Manuscript Page 4- Saga At The General Store 

Location: Cauldron Lake 

While progressing through the story, Saga will eventually need to enter the General Store (southwest of the Witch’s Hut) at night. You will encounter a Taken enemy at the store and have to kill it there. After that, head to the room from where the monster came, and you will spot the manuscript page placed on the floor. 

Manuscript Page 5- Nightingale Enters The Lake 

Location: Cauldron Lake Overlap 

Upon entering Lake Overlap, keep walking the straight path until you reach exactly where you started (as you are witnessing a looped path here). Now, walk again on the same path until you pass the house midway. This one of the manuscript pages is at the rock on your right in Alan Wake 2, which you can spot by illuminating the place with your torch. 

Manuscript Page 6- Nightingale In the Dark Place 

Location: Cauldron Lake Overlap 

This manuscript page is accessible near a tree while you search for Nightingale. This one is missable but can be collected after the boss fight with Nightingale. You must follow the main path and look for the page near the big tree at Threshold. 

Manuscript Page 7- Overlap 

Location: Cauldron Lake  

Once Nightingale is defeated, the Chapter technically ends, allowing you to progress the main storyline. However, you can explore some optional things in surrounding areas, especially at the shore of Cauldron Lake. Ask Agent Casey to tend to your new familiar face and then leave the area.  

From the shore, walk towards the trees and pass under two wooden logs. Keep looking to your left, and once the path turns the other way, you can spot a manuscript page there. 

Manuscript Page 8- Saga Burns Away the Dark Substance 

Location: Cauldron Lake  

As floodwater recedes around Cauldron Lake after the death of Nightingale, you can access the Crow’s Foot Hills area. The manuscript will be placed on a table in the forest on the north side of Crow’s Foot Hills. 

Manuscript Page 9- The Cult of the Tree 

Location: Cauldron Lake  

Go to the south portion of Streamside, and you will find a Private Cabin northwest of Cauldron Lake. If you manage to turn on the power using a nearby generator, the cabin will turn into a Break Room. Go inside now to spot the manuscript on the floor to the left. 

Manuscript Page 10- The Murder Sites 

Location: Cauldron Lake  

Head toward the northwest of Streamside to reach Witchfinder’s Station. You can see the manuscript page on a table outside the station. Remember that this area is only accessible once the water levels have receded. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 3 (Local Girl) 

Like Return 2, the third chapter of Saga Anderson’s journey has many manuscript pages in Alan Wake 2. Let’s have a look at all the manuscript locations in Return 3. 

Manuscript Page 1- The Trailer 

Location: Bright Falls 

While starting your search for the Clicker in Chapter 3, you will meet Alan Wake and do some profiling on him. By doing so, he will hand you over the manuscript page containing important information about the whereabouts of the Clicker. 

Manuscript Page 2&3- Ed Returns to Cauldron Lake & Tammy Rides The Ferry 

Location: Bright Falls 

After you meet with Alan, you can visit different hotel rooms by continuing Saga’s storyline. One of these rooms, room 107, contains two more manuscript pages for you to grab. 

You will spot one page on the floor on your left as you enter the room. The other page will be resting on the bedside table. 

Manuscript Page 4- Saga In the Watery Woods 

Location: Watery 

Follow the path in Watery described by the Koskela Brothers, and you will eventually reach a noticeable cabin midway. Enter the cabin to find the manuscript page placed on a table. 

Manuscript Page 5- Watery 

Location: Watery 

As you start working around to find the Trailer Key, you will come across a Break Room (a small shack) as the first building in your path. After getting inside, you can acquire another manuscript page lying on the table, describing Scratch wandering in the surrounding areas. 

Manuscript Page 6- Scratch On The Hunt 

Location: Watery 

On your way back to the Coffee World Gift Shop, you must fight several Taken enemies in the area. After dealing with the enemies, take a right turn from the Ferris Wheel to approach the Gift Shop. Use a screwdriver to force open the shop’s lock. Inside, you will find the manuscript page on a small table informing you about the imminent attack at the Coffee World. 

Manuscript Page 7- Saga Fights Taken at the Workshop 

Location: Watery 

While trying to grab the Clicker at the secret place below Kalevala Knights Workshop, Thornton and Mulligan will steal it from you. Turn back to where you came from; midway, you will see a new manuscript page on the floor. It will guide you to the location where the Taken pair have gone. 

Manuscript Page 8- Deputies Make A Grave Mistake 

Location: Watery 

After picking up the previous page, you can head to the do Profiling on the deputies to know how they became Taken. After finishing your tasks and updating the Case Board, you will notice some rumbling from above your current position.  

As you exit the office and take the new long way ahead, beware, as an aggressive Taken will shortly come at you. After dealing with the enemy, head to the table behind the large coffee cup from where the Taken came from. You will find the manuscript page on the table beside some paint buckets. 

Manuscript Page 9- The Koskela’s Parade Float 

Location: Watery 

While exiting the workshop, you can see the source of the ritual, the Watery Parade Float, on your left. You can spot another manuscript page at the base of this parade. It will guide you on how to carry out the ritual and enter the Overlap. 

Manuscript Page 10- Deputies Make A Grave Mistake 

Location: Watery 

Once you finish your work in Espresso Express and return from its deck, you can see another manuscript page on the floor. 

Manuscript Page 11- Deputies Corrupted 

Location: Watery 

As you enter the Overlap to retrieve the Clicker, you will reach a lakeside cabin surrounded by darkness. The manuscript page will be placed on the table in the main room of this cabin. 

Manuscript Page 12- Deputies In The Morgue 

Location: Watery 

While exploring Downtown Watery, head back to the repaired bridge to locate a red Sauna building. Instead of having a good time at Sauna, head to its south at the dock to find a manuscript page. This one is the final page you’ll discover in Chapter 3. 

Manuscript Page 13- The Dark Presence Attacks 

Location: Bright Falls 

As you continue your journey to find clues on the Cult from Tor and Odin, you will reach a small Break room on the other side of the bridge. You can spot a manuscript page lying on the table by going inside. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 5 (Old Gods) 

The search for Odin and Tor Anderson takes Saga to the Valhalla Nursing Home in Return 5. Besides many other collectibles, you will find manuscript pages about your next goals in Alan Wake 2. 

Manuscript Page 1- The History Of The Valhalla Nursing Home 

Location: Bright Falls  

While going to Valhalla Nursing Home, you can spot a Break Room on the west side of Bunker Woods. Go inside, and you will find the manuscript page on a table beside the Ahti and the Janitors’ poster. 

Manuscript Page 2- Tor Is Bewitched 

Location: Bright Falls  

Saga will finally head inside the Wellness Center to find Tor. She will spot one of the manuscript pages on the desk in Alan Wake 2 by entering Patient Room 102, left to Examination Room 2.  

Manuscript Page 3- The Cult Storms The Lodge 

Location: Bright Falls  

After finding the Door Knob in a cardboard box near the Reception desk, you can use it on the Security Office door. This will allow you to reach the Workshop, inside which another manuscript page will be waiting to be grabbed by you. 

Manuscript Page 4- Saga Opens The Valhalla Nursing Home Overlap 

Location: Bright Falls  

While finding a way to enter the Overlap, you can speak to Rose and enter her mind to do some Profiling. This will allow you to learn the Key Phrase from Alan that she’s been waiting to know. Upon telling her the secret phrase, Rose will open up with some clues to inform you about the happenings in the area. You will also receive her manuscript page, telling you how to enter the overlap and approach Tor. 

Manuscript Page 5- Odin Loses An Eye 

Location: Bright Falls  

Talking further with Rose will allow you to learn about Cynthia, Alan Wake, and Lunchboxes. Into the Pond will add a new clue to your main Case File. As you cross the pond and investigate the dark gazebo, you will find another manuscript page here. 

Manuscript Page 6- Barry’s Struggles With Artists 

Location: Bright Falls  

It’s time to go to the Basement of Valhalla Nursing Home. Once you’re there, go to the Boiler Room. The manuscript page will be placed on the floor near a black machine in one of the corners. 

Manuscript Page 7- Emmet Taken 

Location: Bright Falls  

While in the Basement, you can approach a small room between the Boiler Room and the Workspace. The manuscript page will be on the red vault there. 

Manuscript Page 8- Cynthia Corrupted 

Location: Bright Falls  

As you enter the flooded Laundry Room, you will find one last manuscript page on a table. It features information on how Cynthia was finally corrupted. 

Manuscript Page 9- Odin Stuck In Bed 

Location: Bright Falls  

Return to the main Nursing Home after completing your visit to the Basement. You will spot a new manuscript page above the stairs before entering the first floor. 

Manuscript Page 10- Building The Valhalla Nursing Home 

Location: Bright Falls  

Go to the third floor and use Rose’s access card inside Gail’s Room. The manuscript page will lie on the floor, next to the chair. 

Manuscript Page 11- Cynthia And Tom 

Location: Bright Falls  

It’s time to access Cynthia’s Room on the third floor. The manuscript page will be placed on the bathroom floor. 

Manuscript Page 12- Rose At Bingo Night 

Location: Bright Falls  

Once Chapter 5 is complete, you can leave Valhalla Nursing Home and explore the surrounding areas in Bright Falls. Walk on the small path along the wooden rails to reach a picnic area to the west. There, you can spot the last manuscript page of this chapter beside a table and radio. 

Manuscript Page 13- Bright Falls 

Location: Bright Falls  

After collecting the previous page, it’s time to head to the lower path that goes along the wooden fencing. You will spot a small wooden shack uphill as you go to the east. Go near the shack and use the generator to turn the place into a Break room.  

Now, go inside the shack and get your well-deserved manuscript page. 

Manuscript Page 14- Koskelas Break Into The FBC Lab 

Location: Bright Falls  

After collecting the previous page from the shack, walk east to the beach area. The manuscript page will lie on the sand beside some wood trunks. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 6 (Scratch) 

Only three manuscript pages are in the sixth chapter of Saga Anderson’s story in Alan Wake 2. Let’s head to the locations of each one of these in Alan Wake 2. 

Manuscript Page 1- Sheriff’s Station Attacked 

Location: Bright Falls 

This manuscript page is in the Sheriff’s Station’s first cell (Cell-A). You can only access the cell room after restoring the power from the station’s basement. 

Manuscript Page 2- Cauldron Lake 

Location: Cauldron Lake 

The Rental Cabins area of Cauldron Lake is strictly guarded and needs to be entered using Boltcutters. Luckily, we have already acquired this tool in the fifth chapter. 

Use the Boltcutters to enter the rental Cabins and get inside the first cabin in the area. You can spot the manuscript page on a table, between a briefcase and some books. 

Manuscript Page 3- The Cult Finds The Clicker 

Location: Bright Falls 

At the end of chapter 6, return to your car outside the Elderwood Palace Lodge. Look to the right of your car to see one final manuscript page on the ground. 

Manuscript Pages in Return 9 (Come Home) 

Chapter 9 of Saga Anderson’s story introduces you to only one of the manuscript pages in Alan Wake 2.  

Manuscript Page- Door Traverses The Dark Place 

Location: The Dark Place 

After gaining control of Saga, head over to the payphone and answer it. The incoming voice will ask you to get the Statue of the Plaza Square. As you don’t have access now, you must follow the humming to bump into Sheriff Breaker eventually. 

After a few dialogues, you can select the option to see the manuscript page, which Breaker will hand you over with no hesitation. 

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