How To Turn On Lights At The Witch’s Hut In Alan Wake 2

Turning the lights on in the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2 can get a bit frustrating. But the solution is rather simple.

Ongoing mysterious events take Saga back to the Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2 where she comes across the Witch’s Hut. A manuscript page mentions a witch who lived in the southwestern woods. As you arrive, you’ll find the power gone and the area shrouded in complete darkness. So you’ll need to turn on the lights at the Witch’s Hut in Alan Wake 2.

The longer power stays out, the more dangerous it gets. This guide will help you to find the fuse and witch’s ladle to turn on the lights at the hut. 

Alan Wake 2 Witch’s Ladle 

alan wake 2 witch's ladle location

Once you have Nightingale’s heart, move the witch’s ladle to open the overlap. Head out of the general store; you will find a sign board indicating direction towards the witch’s ladle. Make your way towards a flooded area; your clue would be a red mail post. You will find a big tree in the middle; turn left to see the witch’s ladle

Alan Wake Witch’s Hut Fuse 

alan wake 2 witch's hut fuse

Once you get Nightingale’s heart, head to the witch’s hut. The first thing you will see is the fuse box near the window to the left side of the hut. You will find many broken fuses as well. Stay on the right path; look for a broken wooden bridge.

You will come across a broken fuse there, indicating you are on the right track. Follow your path towards the campsite, where you will come across a red container near an orange lawn chair that holds the fuse in a blue box. After finding it, head toward the fuse box to light up the witch’s hut in Alan Wake 2.

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