Alan Wake 2 Koskela Ads Locations Guide

Want to take a break in Alan Wake 2 and find something funny? Look for the Koskela Ads.

Koskela Ads are collectibles in Alan Wake 2 that can be found at different locations while playing as Saga Anderson. After collecting all six ads in the game, you can unlock The Koskela Brothers achievement, gaining you some XP points.  

You can have a break from the dreadful horrors and head to watch some TV ads to be amused for a while in the game. The Koskela Brothers do commercial ads in a fun way, which is intriguing to watch and earns you a trophy/ achievement at the end. So, let’s find out all the Koskela Ads locations in Alan Wake 2. 

All Koskela Ads locations in Alan Wake 2 

As you do in Nursery Rhyme Puzzles, you must go for a long workaround in various gameplay chapters to locate Koskela Commercials. Once you approach any of the locations mentioned below, you can easily recognize the nearby TV that plays funny ads and grab the collectibles to go one step to the final reward. 

Koskela Ad 1: Adventure Tours 

koskela ads 1 alan wake 2

After completing the game’s prologue, you are introduced to Saga Anderson in Return 1: Invitation. She arrives at Bright Falls to investigate strange murders in the town. When you finally reach the ending part of the chapter after facing Nightingale, you can enter the Police Station and go to the Employee Lounge.  

As soon as you enter the room, a strange voice will come from a TV, mentioning a tourist lost in the woods. This is our first Koskela Commercial, Adventure Tours. 

Koskela Ad 2: Coffee World 

koskela ads 2 alan wake 2

In Saga Anderson’s third chapter, you will return to Bright Falls after killing Nightingale, with Alan accompanying you to the town. As you approach the Elderwood Palace Lodge, you will have a cutscene with Casey and Alan.  


After the cutscene ends, you must exit the room and head to the reception in the lobby. You will start hearing a voice speaking about the Coffee World. Our second Koskela Ad is being played on the TV right next to the reception. 

Koskela Ad 3: Ahma Beer 

koskela ads 3 alan wake 2

Head to Oh Deer Diner, situated southeast of Sheriff’s Station. Go inside the diner, and you will spot a TV with the Ahma Beer ad on the left wall. 

Also, after killing the deputies, Thornton and Mulligan, and completing everything at Watery, you can return to Suomi Hall by going over the restored bridge. Upon entering the Hall, look to the left of the stage to spot a TV playing the Ahma Beer commercial. 

Koskela Ad 4: Parade Floats  

While exploring the Lighthouse Trailer Park, restrain yourself from entering Saga’s home.  

Instead, head inside the trailer on the left, and you will find the Parade Floats ad playing on a TV. This is the fourth spot in our Koskela ads locations. 

Koskela Ad 5: Bright Falls Blends 

koskela ads 5 alan wake 2

While searching for Tor and Odin, you will finally approach the Valhalla Nursing Home in Watery. After meeting Rose and finishing your conversation with her, you must go to the Rec Room.  

Inside, you can spot the TV that shows the fifth Koskela ad, Bright Falls Blends. If it doesn’t trigger, you must run to the Lounge and return to the room. 

Koskela Ad 6: “Return” Review

koskela ads 6

Go to Oh Deer Diner while the annual Deerfest event is being celebrated.  

Upon going inside, go to the left side of the reception and walk a few steps to the corner to spot the TV playing the “Return” Review ad. With that, we have found all six of the Koskela Ads Locations. Get ready to receive that sweet The Koskela Brothers Achievement. 

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