How To Get The Hunting Crossbow In Alan Wake 2

Dispatch ghosts with bolts.

The Hunting Crossbow is an excellent weapon of choice in Alan Wake 2. It comes with long-range assistance for starters, amazing damage, and to top it off, stealth capabilities.

While the weapon does take time to reload, which makes it slow, this may as well be the only weapon you need to face your ghosts in Alan Wake 2.

Here is how you can get it.

The Hunting Crossbow location in Alan Wake 2

The Hunting Crossbow is located in a small shed inside the target practice range, which lies near the watery areas of Alan Wake 2.

You will be heading to the target practice range for not just the crossbow but also because it is one of the cult stash locations which can be later used for storing inventory items.

In order to get to the target practice range, you will have to play as the main protagonist Saga Anderson, and reach the end of the first five chapters of the game. The five chapters include Return 1 and 2 and Initiation 1 to 3.


During the mission, Local Girl, take a detour to the West of the Watery areas near the Coffee World where you’ll find the target practice area.

We’ve listed an image below to further assist you in finding the Alan Wake 2 Hunter Crossbow.

The Hunter Crossbow is located inside the target practice range.

Once you’ve acquired the Hunter Crossbow, head back to the target markers and pick up the fired bolts. Do not leave without them.

Since ammo is scarce in Alan Wake 2, always remember to pick up your crossbow bolts from downed enemies and surroundings. If you play your cards right, you will never run out of ammo.

Hunting Crossbow stash lock code

Once you reach the target practice area, head left where the wooden fence boards are placed and you’ll find a locked stash under a shed.

For your convenience, the stash code is 527. If you are curious though, you find the code by counting the number of bolts shot at the target markers back in the target practice range.

The number of bolts on each target marker is associated with a specific code and there should be 3 target markers. Bring back the code and unlock the stash to find the Hunter Crossbow and a note left for Saga.

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