All Charm Locations In Alan Wake 2

In Alan Wake 2, charms will save you in the nick of time by giving various bonuses and such.

Charms are special items that can provide special buffs once equipped in Alan Wake 2. They can be found at certain locations by solving riddles known as “Nursery Rhyme puzzles.” This guide has all that you need on where to find charms and how to unlock them. 

How to find all charms in Alan Wake 2: 

In this section, you can find the details on how and where to unlock your charms and pick them up. 

Logan’s Charm location

Logan’s Charm is the first charm you will encounter in Alan Wake 2. This charm provides a small buff to your overall health. It is already in your inventory as you start the game, so you will need to search for this one. 

Hammer Charm location

The Hammer Charm is useful as it can increase your chances of getting a stagger from your enemies in Alan Wake 2. This can prove valuable when facing bosses or enemies with a sturdy health bar. This charm is obtainable at the nursery rhyme puzzle west of the Private Cabin in Return 2: The Heart.

This location is in the Cauldron Lake and isn’t too hard to locate if you find the bridge. Once you do, travel a bit north, and you will reach the site. 

To unlock this charm, pick up the crow doll from the table and place it on the sun drawing. The Hammer Charm will spawn on the table. 


Coffee Mug Charm location

The Coffee Mug Charm is your 1-up life when you get killed in the game. This charm will bring you back to life after you die but will destroy itself. You can find it in the Witchfinder’s Station in Cauldron Lake during Return 2: The Heart. 

This charm can be unlocked by a very simple solution to its puzzle. Go inside the station and up the stairs into the room on your right. Pick up the Wolf and Hero dolls and come back down. Place the Hero Doll on the boat drawing and the wolf doll on the tree drawing. Go back up the stairs into the room where you picked up the dolls and find the charm among the toys. Make sure to pick up the dolls, which will be needed to unlock the charm. 

Kalevala Knight’s Charm location

The Knight’s Charm is a powerful boost to your Hand Flare. The Hand Flare is a weapon for Alan and can be found throughout the game. 

To get this charm, go to the Private Cabin in Cauldron Lake. There will be a nursery rhyme, which can be solved by placing the Hero Doll on the Heart, the Wolf Doll on the House, and the Crow Doll on the Bird. The charm will spawn a bit away from this location. Travel northeast from the Cabin towards Streamside, where you will find this charm by a small dollhouse. 

Deer Charm location

This charm can lower your chances of getting staggered or stunned in a fight. It may not sound like much, but it can help you by giving you complete control over your senses. 

This charm can be found by unlocking yet another nursery rhyme puzzle in Return 3: Local Girl. Travel southeast from the Radio Tower to a picnic site where you can find this puzzle. To solve this puzzle, place the Deer Doll on the House. After the glitch effect occurs, travel towards the Radio Tower to find a half-eaten deer. You can find this charm by the corpse. 

Coffee World Token Charm location

The Coffee World Token can increase the quantity and quality of the resources you find, increasing your survivability. This charm is also found in Return 3: Local Girl. 

Travel all the way southwest of the map to the pier. The puzzle can be found next to the boat. Place the Elder Doll on the Waves and the Bear Doll on the Candy. Go back towards the land where an enemy will meet you. Defeat him, and you can find the charm in the little hut on your right as soon as you get off the pier. 

Lighthouse Charm location 

The Lighthouse Charm is especially helpful as it increases the maximum amount of health in Alan Wake 2 while in Safe Havens. We recommend picking up this charm while in Return 3: Local Girl. 

This charm can be found at the Watery Lighthouse. Walk towards the side facing the cliff, and you will find the puzzle. Place the Trickster Doll on the Waves and the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye. To obtain the charm, you must travel towards the bridge in the middle of the map, north of the Lighthouse.

Once at the bridge, go down towards its south side, where a tree has fallen. Duck under the tree, take a left, and the charm will be on the rocks to your right. 

Mr. Drippy Charm location

Mr. Drippy is also a charm we highly recommend picking up in Alan Wake 2 as it can help where you have no healing items available. This charm increases your damage output while you are low on health to keep you going. 

This charm is unlocked by solving the puzzle on the pier north of the Fair Trade Fun Zone in the Latte Lagoon. You can find this puzzle at the end of the pier. Place the Moose Doll on the Waves, the Trickster Doll on the drawing left of the Waves, and the Deer Doll on the Boat. The Charm will present itself to you by coming on a floating raft towards the pier as soon as you complete the puzzle. 

FBC Charm location

If sneaking around is your thing, then the FBC Charm is the thing for you. This little guy can increase your damage output if you attack an enemy while being silent and hidden. 

It can be found in the northwest corner of the map. Travel to the Ranger’s Cabin, where you can find the puzzle at the side entrance of the cabin. Place the Maiden Doll on the Tree and the Bear Doll on the Heart to solve the puzzle. Enter through the side door, take left towards the stairs, and turn right into a bedroom. You can find the charm on the bed. 

Lantern Charm location

The Lantern Charm puts up against the fight with darkness in Alan Wake 2 by giving an additional charge to your Flashlight. 

It can be found by solving the puzzle east of the Wellness Center in Bright Falls. The puzzle can be solved by placing the Daughter Doll on the Tree and the Mother Doll on the House. You can later pick up the charm by backtracking your way. You will find it lying on the road. 

Valhalla Nursing Home Charm location

This charm increases the potency of Trauma Pads and Painkillers, making them more effective. 

This charm can be found on the beach at a camping site northeast of Ranger Station. To solve this puzzle, place the Monster Doll on the Waves, the Child Doll on the drawing right of the Monster Doll, and the Mother Doll on the Boat. After solving the puzzle, continue straight ahead, defeat two enemies, and pick up the charm next to the orange container.  

Anchor Charm location

The Anchor Charm provides a chance to stun your enemies with your flashlight. This can be done by focusing the light beam on them. 

The anchor charm can be found in Billie’s Boat Yard in Bright Falls. Hop on to the pier, where you can find the puzzle. Place the Mother Doll on Waves and the Monster Doll on the Boat. Exit the pier and turn left towards an abandoned ship where you will find this charm. 

Deerfest Charm location:

The Deerfest Charm is very helpful in advanced battles in Alan Wake 2 as it can delay the Darkness Shield Regeneration of enemies. 

This charm is located in the Lighthouse Trailer Park in Bright Falls. Approach the trailer enclosed in a fence and locked by a chain. Whip out your bolt cutters to gain access. Enter the trailer and head into the back room, where the puzzle is scribbled on the floor. Place the Wise Elder Doll on the Eye and the Deer Doll on the Heart. Go towards the farther room, where you will find the charm just outside the room on a table. 

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