How To Fix Audio Desync In Alan Wake 2 

Alan Wake 2 is a great addition in the survival horror series, but an audio desync is enough to spoil your game!

While playing through Alan Wake 2, you may face issues like audio desync and complete audio loss. While some players have reported this to happen only at the beginning of the game, many have faced this annoying bug in almost all the subsequent cutscenes in the play.

Our guide will give you the best fixes to remove audio loss and sync issues in your console, irrespective of your progression in the game. 

How to fix audio desync issues in Alan Wake 2 

As you dive deep into the thrilling world of Alan Wake 2, you will be greeted with a gripping cutscene to set the stage. But here’s the catch: players across all platforms, especially Xbox Series X, face a pesky audio loss and stuttering problem in this cutscene and the ones after it.

Indeed, such a distressing thing can’t be borne at the starting parts of a quality game like Alan Wake 2. So, here are the solutions that have helped a ton of players: 

Restart your Console/Device 

If you face audio lag at any stage of your gameplay, try closing the game and restarting it. If the problem persists, you should restart the whole console or PC. The second method has been proven more efficient and has solved the lip-syncing issues in the cutscene dialogues.  

Use “Stereo Uncompressed” for Xbox Series X 

Many Xbox Series X players have reported facing bad lip-syncing and audio cut-out issues in their gameplays. While restarting the console can be one solution, it is not the most efficient thing to do so.


Instead, you should change the Audio Settings in your Xbox Series X and set them to “Stereo Uncompressed.” Restart Alan Wake 2 after doing so; the audio bug will probably be gone by now. 

Reinstall Alan Wake 2 on an SSD 

Using an HDD for your PC or PS5 is a big no for playing Alan Wake 2. The game is incompatible with slower storage drives due to its modern and high-end graphics. So, if you are facing audio desync problems while playing on an HDD, reinstall the game on an SSD to fix the issue.

Additionally, you can try to resolve this persistent issue by replacing your current SSD with a newer one or NVMe. 

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