Airborne Kingdom Tips

The visually beautiful and pleasing game, the Airborne Kingdom, is finally here, and here are all the tips and tricks...

The visually beautiful and pleasing game, the Airborne Kingdom, is finally here, and here are all the tips and tricks we’ve acquired so far. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the strategies to help you build your civilization, maintain your airship, and protect your people. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Airborne Kingdom Tips

Unlike other simulation games, Airbone Kingdom gives its player a peaceful and calm experience by taking away any combat elements. Yes, you’ve heard it right. There won’t be any boss fights or random enemy spawns. The only conflict you’ll be facing while playing this game is the never-ending war with gravity.

You’ll essentially start the game with a small and balanced foundation in the sky, but once you start incorporating more infrastructure and people, the laws of physics will interfere. So your main aim in the game is to maintain the balance of your airship and provide you, citizens, with decent residency.

To overcome such difficulties, below we’ve listed our favorite tips and tricks that will help you establish your floating civilization up in the skies of Airborne Kingdom.

Update your Coal Storage

Coal becomes an essential resource while you play the Airborne Kingdom. Coal powers your airship and is quite essentially the only source that’s letting your civilization reside upon the sky.

As soon as you can access the tech tree, go to the coal storage option and increase it by 200%


Population Count

Be mindful about how many people you are going to take onboard. Overcrowding your airship will leave most people in a bad mood. Instead, we recommend you keep in mind the resources you have and how much they can fulfill the needs of people onboard.

Keep in mind that if people leave the aircraft, you will have to go around and find people in different settlements that are ready to migrate to your ship.

House Stacking

Another tip that we recommend you is to stack up the houses. This tip also correlates with fulfilling people and their needs. Provide residence according to the population count.

You can stack up the house blocks up to 3 stories from the tech tree. You can also stack up the warehouses if you have unlocked them from the tech tree.

Watch Your Lift

Watching your Lift has to be one of the major and the most important tip. You need to check your Lift from time to time by hovering over the lift option.

If your airship does not have enough Lift, we’ll you’ve guessed it right. Your ship and people will fall to the ground and die. Each time new infrastructure is introduced to your airship, the Lift efficiency reduces.

To tackle this, you will have to complete your research at the tech tree under Lift, and then you can introduce new attachments like wings, fans, balloons, and rotors.

Free to Move Buildings Skill

Using this skill is a lifesaver! Your airship will have a center of gravity, and keeping that in mind, you will have to place buildings. If your airship loses balance or has any unpleasant tilt, you can fix that by moving facilities away from the tilting point and rebalancing the ship.

Be Patient With Your City

In the Airborne Kingdom, there are three realms. Each realm has kingdoms that you’ll be unlocking. The start point of your game will be the first realm that provides you with unlimited food and water resources.

This realm provides you with opportunities to unlock farms and water condensers and collect resources that may be hard to acquire in the other two domains.

So take your time before you go to the next kingdom and unlock all the things you want because the other kingdoms are tight on water and food resources. You have to make sure that you don’t upset your people, so be mindful of your progress.

Pack Food and Water Buildings Together

To acquire a boost in the Airborne Kingdom, we recommend placing the water and food building together. Also, put windmills and farms together as well.

Water filters will boost the condenser in its range, and windmills will boost any farm in its range.

Watch Your Speed and Propulsion

Have a close eye on the Speed and Propulsion of your airship. If your airship moves too slow, there won’t be any progress, and chances are it’ll be a dead float on the sky.

The bulk of buildings on your airship will promote weight and tilt, impacting the Propulsion and Speed. To avoid that, complete your research on Speed and  Propulsion in the tech tree and use these skills to prevent any mishap.

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