How to Pay Tribute in Age of Empires 4

In this guide, we’ll let you know exactly how to pay tribute in Age of Empires 4 so that you can send resources to your allies in a pinch!

Paying tribute is a useful mechanic in Age of Empires 4 that you’ll have to use in AoE 4’s campaign and even in multiplayer games. In this guide, we’ll let you know exactly how to pay tribute in Age of Empires 4.

How to Pay Tribute in Age of Empires 4

To maintain a agood relationship with civilizations or to aid allies in multiplayer, you can choose to pay tribute in Age of Empires IV.

When you pay tribute, you send over some gold or other resources to another civilization. This has the tactical benefit of keeping allies afloat in multiplayer and warding off Vikings in the campaign.

How to Pay Tribute in AoE 4

Tribute can be paid to any Civilization in AoE 4 you are working with or even fighting in the game. It is really easy to pay tribute in AoE 4. You will find the tribute menu in the top right corner of the screen for both single-player and Skirmish.

Do remember that you will not see this option in missions where you can’t pay tribute. Whenever you are allowed to pay tribute, you will see this option right there in the top right corner of the screen.

When you click on the Pay Tribute option, a small menu will appear on the screen. This will show you the available players in the game. You may also see some extra items in certain campaign missions.

You will see four icons in the tribute menu next to each player’s name. All four of them are for the main resources which are wood, food, gold, and stone. When you left-click on any of them it will add 100 units of that resource and right-click will reduce the 100 units of that resource.

Simply select how many resources you want to send as tribute and press Send. The resources will be deducted from your stockpiles and sent to the player of your choosing.

Tribute Requirements

To send tribute to other players in AoE 4, you will need to meet some requirements. First of all, you can’t be hostile with them. Secondly, you must be in the Feudal Age. Third and the last thing to follow is you must have a market.

In Multiplayer and Skirmish matches you can only send tributes to a member of your own team. You cannot send tribute to the members of another team. Even in free-for-all matches, you can only send tribute to your team members.

The criteria for sending tribute in the campaign of AOE 4 are different for every mission. You will get to know about that from the mission scenarios so don’t worry about that.

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