Age of Empires 4 Holy Roman Empire Guide

In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we will give you an overview of the Holy Roman Empire. We will discuss its bonuses, unique units landmarks and special ability!

In this Age of Empires 4 guide, we will give you an overview of the Holy Roman Empire. We will discuss its bonuses, unique units landmarks and special ability!

Age of Empires 4 Holy Roman Empire

The Holy Roman Empire is a particularly powerful civilization in AoE 4. With a unique unit from the start, strong landmarks and the ability to repair buildings quickly, the Holy Roman Empire is certainly formidable.

Holy Roman Empire Bonus

In Age of Empires IV, the Holy Roman Empire has a number of intriguing bonuses.

We’ve compiled a list of bonuses for you.

  • This nation has a unique unit that is accessible from the start of the game.
  • You can create Feudal Age primitive men-at-arms (II).
  • Relics are incredibly essential in this civilization, and you can keep them within an outpost, dungeon, or tower to boost its range, weapon range, armor, and damage.
  • It is also possible to integrate the relics in a port with the Holy Empire in order to boost the assault speed of all ships.
  • The cost of improvements of Towers, Castles and other buildings in the Holy Roman Empire is 25% cheaper as compared to other civilizations.
  • The last bonus lets you save money on Outpost, Tower, and Dungeon spaces.

Emergency Repairs Ability

The ability to perform Emergency Repairs adds to the Holy Roman Empire’s overall survival in AOE 4.

When a Town Center or Keep is inside its influence range, all buildings created within that area can undergo rapid and automated repairs. This is ideal for when you need to gain some time while your defensive units are being built.

Relics can be garrisoned inside Keeps, Towers, and Outposts for increased protection, increasing range, armor, and damage. Any weapon fields you put to these buildings will save you 25% on resources.

Relics can also be garrisoned inside a Dock, which gives your ships a 5% increase in attack speed per relic.

Another useful repair ability the Holy Roman Empire has is that it increases the speed of repairing ships by 100%. This not only further increases its survivability, but also enhances its damage output by having its ships repaired and ready to go much quicker than other civilizations.


The following are some of the Holy Roman Empire’s most famous buildings through the ages:

Aachen Chapel

This is an Age 2 building. When a Prelate is garrisoned inside, it creates a big, inspired area.

Meinwerk Palace

The second Age 2 building is the Meinwerk Palace. This building works just like a Blacksmith. Technology research inside will be 25% cheaper than other buildings.

Both of these buildings are very useful. If you’re planning to rush the enemy early on, the Meinwerk Palace will be of incredible help as it’ll eliminate the need for the Blacksmith shop.

However, if you’re playing the long game, the Aachen Chapel is a much more important building overall as it’ll provide immense benefit to your economy.

Burgave Palace

This is an Age 3 building.  It produces Lansknechte, Spearmen and Men-at-Arms 5x faster.

Regnitz Cathedral

This is the second Age 3 building. When Relics are placed inside, they generate 200% gold per minute. This can stack up to 3 times. Though the Burgave Palace provides great offensive utility, the economic benefit of the Regnitz Cathedral is just unmatched.

The longer the game goes on, the more powerful the Cathedral will make you. If the enemy doesn’t have such a building that provides them with this much gold, you’ll leave them in the dust and easily defeat them.

Elzbach Palace

This is an Age 4 building. It serves as a keeper. Damage to buildings within its influence range is reduced.

Palace of Swabia

This is the second Age 4 building. It works just like a Town Center, producing villagers 75% quicker and at a 75% cheaper cost.

Both of these buildings provide equally important utility, so there’s no clear better option here. Choose the building to construct based on what you need at that moment

Holy Roman Empire Unique Units

The Holy Roman Empire, like other nations in AOE 4, will be able to rely on Unique units, such as:

The Prelate

This unique unit gives villagers holy inspiration, causing them to work 40 percent faster for 30 seconds.

The Prelate can also acquire relics, capture Sacred Sites, and convert opponents. As long as a Prelate is garrisoned inside the Aachen Chapel, one of the landmarks necessary to transition to the Feudal Age, it can inspire a vast region.

Prelates can also inspire military forces using the Inspired Warriors technology developed during the Castle Age. This increases armor by +1 and increases damage by 15%. With the Holy Roman Empire’s formidable infantry, this works incredibly well.

The Lansquenets

The Lansquenets are a light infantry unit equipped with a massive two-handed sword capable of dealing great area damage. This unit performs very well against enemy infantry but is weak against enemy projectiles.

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