After Spending $250 on PS Plus in 5 Years Players Only Get a Plaque From Sony

PS Plus members are getting a frame plague with customized stats, for being a part of PS Plus for 5 years.

Back in 2010, Sony started a brand new service called PlayStation Plus. It offered players many incentives and draw a lot of attention, subscribers in a short time.

Players who opted-in got free games, discounts and much more for a $49.99 annual subscription. PS Plus was a huge hit on PlayStation 3 and Sony received a lot of praise for not locking online multiplayer behind PS Plus. However, things changed when PlayStation 4 came out and Sony announced that online multiplayer is going behind a pay-wall.

It was a great business decision, one that I personally think Sony should have made a couple of years after the inception of PS Plus.

Many users complained about this, but most still opted-in and went with PlayStation Plus on PS4. Moreover, there are those who kept their memberships intact since 2010 and are enjoying the benefits of this great service. So, in order to show appreciation and thank such fans for their support for PS Plus, Sony gave them a printed plague.

This plague had different statistics on them, as you can see below (courtesy of hovercraft and hafti).

Sony PS Plus (1)

I would personally be disappointed if I received such a plague from Sony after spending $250 in 5 years. The worst part is the english used for this plague, “287 TOTAL GAMEPLAY ACROSS ALL MONTHLY GAME TITLES,” what does that even mean?

Anyways, it is a good gesture from Sony though. Did you receive this plague from Sony?

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